Valokuvan Davesta ja Santerista on ottanut Kalle Koljander

Joululomalle mukaan Nomadi app, tutustu luonto- ja kaupunkireitteihimme tai luo omasi!

UltraHackissa Brunossa

Toteutimme Swecon kanssa kokeilun 3D-mallien tuomisesta kartalle ja ihmisten mahdollisuudesta osallistua suunnitteluun ja rakennusvaiheen osallistamiseen. Käy katsomassa mainio videomme You Tubessa: SWATNoMads

Smart City Barcelonassa

Olimme mukana Team Finlandin mukana Barcelonan Smart Cityn -tapahtumassa marraskuussa. Lue Tekesin raportti!

Myyr York Street Art City

Myyrmäessä on runsaasti graffitteja, katso Myyr York Street Art City -kartta ja lähde kävelylle Myyrmäkeen! Koe  Myyrmäen graffitikävely!

Missä kaveri – siellä robottibussi!

Toteutimme kaverihaun Nomadiin syksyn aikana. Kaverina toimii robottibussi Katso video You Tubesta! Aalto-yliopiston robottibussikokeilu

100 Vuotta, 100 Reittiä – Suomen Askeleet

Citynomadin ‘100 vuotta, 100 reittiä – Suomen askeleet’ on osa Suomen itsenäisyyden juhlavuotta 2017.

Kokoamme reittejä, jotka liittyvät Suomen tapahtumiin 100 vuoden aikana. Vuoden ensimmäisessä uutiskirjeessämme annamme ohjeet liittyä mukaan!

Citynomadin Suomi 100 vuotta -ohjelma on jo hyvässä vauhdissa, käy katsomassa sivuiltamme 100 vuotta, 100 reittiä

Helppoa, kirjoita ja lataa Nomadi ilmaiseksi!

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!


Photo of Dave and Santeri by Kalle Koljander.


UltraHack and 3D Stops On Maps

We made a build environment & participation trial together with Sweco. As a result we created a participation app in UltraHack last weekend at the former railway machinery premises in Bruno, Helsinki.

What’s the novelty? Watch the video, and admire the flexibility of Nomadi app: 3D models on map, voting feature, and real time video underground. SwatNoMads gained the third place in the build environment track!  Video on You Tube


With Team Finland in Smart City Barcelona

We had a booth with Team Finland in Barcelona’s Smart City Event in November. Read the whole story here by Tekes: Finnish Smart Solutions at Barcelona Smart City Expo 15.-17.11.2016


Myyr York Street Art City

Graffitis in suburbs, there are a good number of them around the world. Now you can enjoy the street art at home via Citynomadi’s map. A brand new graffiti map of Myyr York Street Art City consists of 50 graffitis in the suburb area!

Get a closer look at the web map …

… and take a virtual walk in one of the famous suburbs in Finland with Nomadi app. Search for Vantaa, and you’ll get Myyr York Street Art City Graffiti map in front of you!


Find Your Robot Bus!

To find your pal, in this case the robot bus to pick you up, in the surroundings seems to be important to a number of our business partners. We made it! And we can adjust the feature according to your company’s needs.

The Robot bus trial in the University of Aalto area in Espoo, Finland

The Robot Bus was run by project.


100 Years, 100 Routes – The Footsteps of Finland

Citynomadi’s ‘100 years, 100 routes – Paces of Finland’ is a part of the programme for the centenary of Finland’s independence in 2017.

We gather the routes connected to the theme during this autumn. If you have an idea, just contact us!

Nomadi for Android, iOS and even for Windows Phone for FREE! Get yours on

Pokémon Go, Go! No 13

The Finnish Science Center Heureka had a successful Pokémon Go day last Saturday. Over 2000 players of different ages took part of the happening and chased Pokémons in the Heureka surroundings.

The theme of the event was to understand the phenomenon through gaming research by two leading researchers Frans Mäyrä from the University of Tampere and Johannes Koski from the University of Turku.

They explained the gaming experience and success of Pokémon Go and predicted, that this is just the start to location based gaming, gaming after the map information and gaming attached to the AR features.

Heureka Pokémon Go day Sat Sept 10th 2016

Pokémon Go, Go! No 11

Apple made the product launch this morning. Their Apple Watch Series 2 is water proof, swimming proof and Apple has been business partnering with Niantic Labs in Apple Watch development.

This means Apple made a promise to all Pokémon Go players to chase Pokémons in swimming pools, wild water, oceans and lakes!  Do all the Pokémons know how to swim and dive?

The Verge of today’s Apple launch


Pokémon Go, Go! No 10

To be after the Pokémons will be exhaustive, because the hard core & smart ass people of gaming noticed there are Pokémons that only live by nights. You really have to concentrate!

Have a full charged battery on mobile, supportive batteries in your pockets, or know the places, where to recharge. In Finland at least some churches announced having recharge stops and Tampere Hall gave out a newsletter about this lately.

Then, you have to have a day nap in order to recharge your brain energy to chase the Pokémon night growlers. Just like we humans, Pokémons seem to have characters!



Pokémon Go, Go! No 9

Did you realise that Pokémon Go makes you aware of your surroundings, clever, witty, streetwise and talkative?

It took over a month for a journalist to write about the cultural capital Pokémon Go is offering to its players. It is so simple but so obvious, the Pokéstops are landmarks of the area, often hidden and often unknown for the passers by.

As an inhabitant in this town I seldom go to museums or art exhibition, sorry about that, and I hardly know the memory plaques if somebody asks me to name one.

Thanks to Pokémon Go, the youngsters will be more street wise of their own city, by stopping at the Pokéstops they can’t avoid knowing the history of their neighbourhood.