Web reseach – mobile research

I recall as a new born reader I was facinated by the idea to pinpoint the places of events on a map of town, country or world. That’s what people do nowadays even in more extent than earlier, they search more info on the web.

I wasn’t very earger then, but nowadays my job is to enable virtual stories on a map.

One of our  employee that Johanna Tolvanen time created the first mobile research like route on  a map. It was Reijo Mäki detective Vares adventures all around Turku, Finland. The literary route became quite popular following the success of Turku Capital of Culture 2011 mobile service. In addition Markku Ropponen’s hero Otto Kuhala route is available in Jyväskylä.

Our first in real co-operation literary route that supported the mobile research (also web research) for the readers was Sofi Oksanen’s new novel ’Kun kyyhkyset katosivat’. The npvel takes place in Tallinn, Estonia and there is a map with locations of events available. This gives a good background to fiction. The photos are from Estonian national archive, fact about locations and quotes from the novel of Sofi Oksanen.

Internet has added a nice spice to fiction, web research, why not to try mobile research instead? Have a feeper understanding about the author, places of events, epoch, milieu etc.

There is an adventure to you, take your suitcase, travel to the actual places of events and feel the story. Try out:

Otto Kuhala in Jyväskylä, Finland


Detective Jussi Vares in Turku, Finland

Sofi Oksanen Tallinn

The Site ‘Kun kyyhkyset katosivat’

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