Win Design T-shirt!

Win a design Citynomadi T-shirt by being active in social media! Rules and Instructions here.

First some numbers: Citynomadi gained the 150th follower on Facebook a week ago! The winner got our T-shirt as promised. There have been 520 000 visits on our routes since the reboot of our server in the early 2011. We’ve build some 1 000 tracks, paths or routes, if you like. There are altogether 10 000 points of Interests with our organizations and individual customers. Quite a number, meanwhile heavy r&d has been going on – nearly all resources there.

Now we want make our follower happy and deliver unique design T-shirts for the 500th follower on each of the following social forums:

* followers and likers on Facebook

** followers and likers on Facebook Finland

*** followers on Twitter

**** friends on Foursquare

***** подписчикa on VKontakte

****** members in circles on Google+

Now you argue: ‘How do tell the 500th follower?’ Well, we check out the Facebook and all the other social media every morning at 9 am (EET). And the winner is the one who has exceeded the number of 500 at 9 whether (s)he is e.g. the 500th, 501st or the 512th. The winner may pick up two friends to win along – to choose two already existing followers of the same social media Citynomadi profile to win the Citynomadi a unique desing T-shirt along with him / her.

We’ll contact the winner, ask for the size and the names of two co-winners, who we’ll contact personally.

Our designer Jani will design the winner T-shirts and there’ll be only three of a kind around. One desing for Facebook followers, one for Twitter followers etc.

Now join us!

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