There’s a truly interesting and ambiguous project going on this week on one Finnish newspaper, Iltalehti. The journalist and photographer travel in Carelia from south to north by Finnish and Russian border documenting their observations. 

Their target is to document the life as it is and catch the everyday life and reflect it to history and the area. The travel plan is ambiguous and the way is long. Material will be gathered a lot. It’s always a challenge to keep it in good order, remember the time line and delete unnecessary (it you dare). 

We’ve got a cheap, easy-to-use and handy travel diary or travel blog service to offer you (and the newspaper). By using Nomadi you’re able to track you moves on a map, make points of interest anywhere you see beauty or notice something, locate photos, audio and video. Share it, recommend places! 

There’s a nice example in city of Petroskoi, Carelia of Russia, have a look at one day in Petroskoi!

Links to additional information:

With Iltalehti to travel along Finnish and Russian border -travel blog

Citynomadi’s One day in Petroskoi -route

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