Citynomadi in LABRARY

Ciynomadi has had a nice opportunity to be present for the library goers’ in Finnish Metropolitan libraries during this year. The LABRARY has an idea to show the possibilities of the everyday of tomorrow, the technological solutions and also the ideas that do not need advanced technology. 

LABRARY – test ideas, borrow thoughts 

Citynomadi offers the web site to look for the routes all around the world on the map search in north west corner of our web site. See the advanced search that combines the name of the site and the coordinates by geolocation open source service.

Citynomadi web site

The user of LABRARY has had an opportunity to leave notes and comments about the inventions available. It’s been nice to notice that at least some of the visitors have given their opinion. When we’ll have a bit more of them, we’ll analyze them and publish our plans to meet them in technological sense.

Meanwhile, visit libraries, when in LABRARY, take time to get familiar to the new inventions and …

Contact Citynomadi at any time!

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