Monthly Archives: January 2014

Nomadi доступен в Jolla!

Nomadi доступен теперь для пользователей Jolla!
Если вы являетесь владельцем смартфона Jolla, приобретите себе отличное Nomadi! В Jolla работают приложения Android.


Маршрут Сочи

Мы опубликовали маршрут в Сочи!
Олимпийские игры скоро начнутся! В маршруте “Сочи” вы найдете места где будут проводиться игры, а также достопримечательности города, которые не стоит упустить.


Web Site Upgrades

Lately we’ve been doing some major upgrades to our site. First of all, we have extended our JavaScript API and the game / quiz routes are now also playable on web. Feel free to try them out:

All POI content now appear within iframe, which basically means that all route content is stripped from any additional CSS styling and is presented just the way user has configured it to be presented. We are now using our own modal dialog JavaScript component instead of using good ol’ Fancybox (which, of course, is still a great little plugin). This new component fits our needs perfectly and is more usable and versatile than any 3rd party plugin would ever be.

I’d like to think that 3rd party plugins work fine up to some point, but as things get more complicated and extra versatility is needed, it’s better to do things by yourself from start to finish. So, put it to test: Head on to our site and open up a route and some POI view. Click around, test it with another browser, resize your browser window back and forth, blast it with a bazooka. If you run into any bugs or strange behaviour, please don’t hesitate to contact us. It’s all been tested on a range of browsers, but you never know, right?