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What is the QR code? Well, QR code looks like this, looks familiar:


What do you do with QR? You see them around, and so what? Well, QR code is two dimensioned bar code. Superior compared to bar code of cource, Why? Well, it’s easier to scan with electric and software scanners and it can contain a lot of more information. Bar codes normally include a series of numbers but QR codes can contain e.e. a long URL, usually known as a web address.

QR code above leads to an exact information of Cathedral of Tampere in Citynomadi’s Tampere Top 10 route for tourists.

Simply we can recap QR code is for showing hyperlinks to any content through a smart phone. Nowadays all of the smart phones have scanners, some of them are even integrated in the cameras of smart phones.

If you haven’t got one yet, enter to your app store and find one by searching ‘QR reader’.

What Citynomadi does with QR codes? 

For over four years we’ve been developing an eco system, where QR code has it’s natural living environment. QR code contains a web address leading to the route content of Citynomadi. Citynomadi’s updated content is then available for you equally via two ways:

A. via Citynomadi’s routes on Nomadi or web-maps

B. via QR codes on sites themselves.

At the same time the smart phone user may be informed about the other content nearby.

How do I get the codes?

If my organization or I have a route in Citynomadi, how to get the QR codes? Simply go to Citynomadi’s community, open your route there and click ‘Share’ below the map. Choose ‘Print QR code’. You are able to get a page with QR codes of all of the Pints of Interest that exist on your route in any of the languages available. E.g. the QR-codes of Church Rote of Children can be checked out here qr-koodit

Another so called special case is the QR use in in-house location. We’ve got a solution here: locate your building on a map with one Point of Interest, and describe the content by pages, e.g. a mansion with rooms: living room, kitchen, toilets ect, You are able to create a QR code to each of these rooms. QR code can be places in these rooms and gives you the  additional information of e.g. living room.

Again the content on the QR codes get updated when the route Points of Interest are updated, so new QR codes are unnecessary, you can use the first printed ones.

We’ve got this kind of case in the Cathedral of Turku, Finland, there are 16 chapels with QR codes leading to the in-depht informations.  It would be possible to make such a guide of all of the churches in one town. Please contact us, if you got interested or want know more! :)

In the near future all our applications will support this feature, and the QR codes will show offline content, too. This enables to use QR codes even under ground, where the mobile data, Wifi or GPS is not reachable. Contact us for your user cases!

Continues in Nomadi blog, keep in channel ;)

ps. If you’ve got some questions of printing the QR codes, we can give you assistance, there are issues to consider, e.g. the reading distance makes difference. WE KNOW!

Ok, download Nomadi to your gadget via this QR code – a link to all of our applications!


Behind the QR code is the link:

The quickest way to contact us is the form on this link:

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