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Mobile Apps May Save Nerves Of Moving People During The Tube Strike 

London has a 24 h tube strike on Wed and Thu this week. If you’re a tourist it’s not so important, only annoying, but if you’re a Londorneer, and your smooth everyday life is in danger, you might seek for relief.

First time ever I came across a news title like this on Guardian web site ‘Five key apps to help you get around London during the tube strike’. The newspaper had picked up the following five apps, all available for free. We have entered to a new era, apps are recommended to make your life easier during the challenging circumstances.

Citymapper seems to be a handy Real Time Transit app with timetables and lines together with maps. Quite a few cities are covered, so it seems to be a good companion. Information is based on open data, and the description doesn’t mention offline usage.

And of course Google maps, who wouldn’t dare to pass it. Google maps is Google maps, it’s a pure map and navigation application, and nothing to say more about it.

For the ‘Boris bikes’ user the Santander cycles is a good choice, it’s the bike company’s official app with the code releasing the right to use the bike. Didn’t get the best rates of the Android users, probably gives out the hiring places of bikes but lacks some more information, etc. cyclists are very sensitive about the bike lines and the route conditions.

Hailo is one of the taxi applications that allows you to tap your location on a map and wait for the taxi to arrive. While using the taxi apps, you’ve got to know which is the official app in each city, that’s a benefit for Uber. It’s nice that the taxi apps are serving people more and more.

London Live Bus Countdown is telling you the nearest bus lines, their accuracy and much more. Sounds countable and useful. I will try this at least, when in London.

So, what’s Nomadi’s role during the Tube strike that strikes? Well, if you can, take it easy and enjoy some of the most charming walks along the streets of London: download a FREE Nomadi by writing on your mobile, choose Here and now and let go! I would recommend Live East, Die Young – movie routes!