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Pokémon Go, Go! No 3

Where not to go for a hunt? Somebody, some governments, some institutions have either neglected or strongly advise not to play near some of their premises.

There are reasonable causes, such as road traffic, do not rush into the drive way or do not try to find Pokémon near by the damaged Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan.

Guardian about Fukushima nearbys

The Holocaust Museum purely asks their visitors not to haunt Pokémons due to the respect.

Washington post article about the Holocaust Museum

Also the Royal family of Sweden has been disturbed by the night time Pokémon hunters in the Solliden castle – they were welcome during the daytime though.

Iltalehti article of Swedish castle night time ban

Pokémon Go draws a new line and rules out the restriction of entering the public and private premises. It’s interested how the reception of the game has been divided people. Some ban some welcome. It’s privacy or safety.

Pokémon Go, Go! No 2

A guy called Nick Johnson has caught them all. Is the game over now? Not in my opinion. Quite many video game players play the game over and over, why not the Pokémon Go?

He published the scoreboard of all 142. He advised to put good shoes on and challenge him.

The developers of any game have a quest to develop the game for the addicted players, because you may play Pokémon Go once again as it is, but how about the third time to catch all of the 142?

By Merja

Pokémon Go, Go! No 1

Pokémon Go game has been in titles for two weeks now, and it was finally released 5 days ago in Finland. The success shows that the wellbeing, economic and social perpetual motion machine has been invited.

All the digital companies have been forced to answer a bloody question, how you’ll make the money. Some, like Supercell has gained by the in-app purchases as well as will Pokémon Go do. It’s a volume business, if there’s no user volume the company just have to find out the way.

But, now the new economy seems to work out, finally. Pokémon Go will succeed and it will boost the economy more widely.

Pokémon Go moves people and it moves the economy and it makes people social. Due to the need of energy consumption of the screen constantly on, the players have to recharges their mobiles more often, and at least in Finland the church (The Evangelist Church) has invited the players to gather at their premises to recharge their phones. Clever, the church of Finland has been suffering from the wave of leaving the church membership, especially by youngsters and young adults!

Read more about this, Wed, 20th July, 2016.




Midsummer Sun

Enjoy The 3D Maps With Nomadi App

We have launced the new versions of Nomadi for Android on Google Play and iOS on App Store.

What’s new? The apps operate with new maps, and you are able to use a 3D map view and fly like bird. As an example have a look at our Facebook profile and get a Nomadi of your own.

We also support the INDOOR location now! Take an advantage of the seamless location by Nomadi. Ask for more!

Summer Trip To Vantaa

Visit Vantaa created a new route to go around and visit THE attractions near the Helsinki-Vantaa airport! Here & Now in Vantaa, elsewhere search for Vantaa on Nomadi app.

Summer Trip To Lake Tuusula

Visit Tuusulanjärvi created a new route to go around the Lake Tuusula and visit THE attractions, like the home of Jean Sibelius near the Helsinki-Vantaa airport! Audios available in English soon. Listen to them while bicycling, a stream starts at the points of interest automatically. Here & Now in the area, elsewhere search for Lake Tuusula on Nomadi app.

UEFA 2016 Top 5 Cities In France

We made the Top 5 cities of UEFA 2016 game hosts in France. Get introduced to the key attractions and the stadiums. Here & Now in the cities, elsewhere search by the name of the town on Nomadi app.

100 Years, 100 Routes – The Footsteps

of Finland

Citynomadi’s ‘100 years, 100 routes – Paces of Finland’ is a part of the programme for the centenary of Finland’s independence in 2017.

We gather the routes connected to the theme during this autumn. If you have an idea, just contact us!

Nomadi for Android, iOS and Windows Phone for FREE on!

Aurinkoisia kesäretkiä!

Käyhän katsomassa Nomadi, nyt 3D-kartat!

Olemme julkaisseet uuden version Nomadista Androidille ja se on saatavilla Google Playssä, mutta myös iPhonelle ja iPadille ja ne molemmat ovat saatavilla App Storessa.

Mitä uutta? No, ainakin uudet kartat, jotka toimivat entistä sulavammin ja monipuolisemmin. Näet sen 3D-kartoissa, katsot kaupunkia kuin lintuperspektiivistä. Facebookissa on kuvakaappauksia 3D-kartoistamme!

Nomadi tukee myös samalla sisäpaikannusta, navigoi GPS:n avulla ulkona ja siirry saumattomasti sisätiloihin! Kysy meiltä lisää.

Kesäretki Vantaalle

Visit Vantaa teki tärkeimmät matkailukohteet yhdistävän reitin liipaten Helsinki-Vantaan lentokenttää! Katso Nomadista Tässä & Nyt Vantaalla tai hae Vantaa Nomadi-sovelluksestasi.

Kesäretki Tuusulanjärvelle

Visit Tuusulanjärvi julkaisi jo Matkamessuilla pyöräilyreitin Tuusulanjärven ympäri auttaen pyöräilijöitä pysähtymään viihtyisissä kolkissa ja löytämään juuri ne kohteet, joista Tuusulanjärvi on kuulu. Uutta on kohteelta kohteelle kuunneltava ääniopastus, joka tunnistaa sijaintisi. Matka katkeaa kuin leikiten. Löydät reitin Nomadista Tässä & Nyt, kun olet Tuusulanjärven lähistöllä ja suunnitellessasi matkaa sinne, hakusanalla Tuusulanjärvi.

Jalkapallon EM-kisat Ranskassa

Nyt Ranskan jalkapallon EM-kisakaupungit Nomadi-sovelluksessa! Kartalta löytyvät kaikki stadionit ja viisi kaupungin parasta matkailukohdetta. Katso Tässä & Nyt, kun olet Ranskassa, muualla hae sanalla UEFA, Euro 2016 tai kaupungin nimellä Nomadi-sovelluksestasi.

100 Vuotta, 100 Reittiä – Suomen Askeleet

Citynomadin ‘100 vuotta, 100 reittiä – Suomen askeleet’ on osa Suomen itsenäisyyden juhlavuotta 2017.

Kokoamme reittejä, jotka liittyvät Suomen tapahtumiin 100 vuoden aikana. Jos sinulla on hyvä idea tähän liittyen, niin ota yhteyttä.

Helppoa, kirjoita ja lataa Nomadi ilmaiseksi!