Pokémon Go, Go! No 1

Pokémon Go game has been in titles for two weeks now, and it was finally released 5 days ago in Finland. The success shows that the wellbeing, economic and social perpetual motion machine has been invited.

All the digital companies have been forced to answer a bloody question, how you’ll make the money. Some, like Supercell has gained by the in-app purchases as well as will Pokémon Go do. It’s a volume business, if there’s no user volume the company just have to find out the way.

But, now the new economy seems to work out, finally. Pokémon Go will succeed and it will boost the economy more widely.

Pokémon Go moves people and it moves the economy and it makes people social. Due to the need of energy consumption of the screen constantly on, the players have to recharges their mobiles more often, and at least in Finland the church (The Evangelist Church) has invited the players to gather at their premises to recharge their phones. Clever, the church of Finland has been suffering from the wave of leaving the church membership, especially by youngsters and young adults!

Read more about this, Iltalehti.fi Wed, 20th July, 2016.





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