Pokémon Go, Go! No 3

Where not to go for a hunt? Somebody, some governments, some institutions have either neglected or strongly advise not to play near some of their premises.

There are reasonable causes, such as road traffic, do not rush into the drive way or do not try to find Pokémon near by the damaged Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan.

Guardian about Fukushima nearbys

The Holocaust Museum purely asks their visitors not to haunt Pokémons due to the respect.

Washington post article about the Holocaust Museum

Also the Royal family of Sweden has been disturbed by the night time Pokémon hunters in the Solliden castle – they were welcome during the daytime though.

Iltalehti article of Swedish castle night time ban

Pokémon Go draws a new line and rules out the restriction of entering the public and private premises. It’s interested how the reception of the game has been divided people. Some ban some welcome. It’s privacy or safety.

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