Pokémon Go, Go! No 4

The user interface of the Pokémon Go game may change the habits of our mobile use radically. The way criticism has bit it is quite unfair: it’s labeled dangerous and the users said to be screen staring teenagers.

I fact the user interface of Pokémon Go brings back the attribute of immersive! There are not as much actions on the screen as the video games have promised to give us but the pace is more or less slow and cozy. The player has all her and his time to react to the Pokémons and the Poke Stops, approach them carefully, and they won’t disappear.

The immersive screen takes all your attention, though. It’s amazing, you really have to concentrate to follow other people and traffic around you, rise you gaze and have a proper look around.

That’s something, to get people committed. It is obvious that Pokémon Go UX shows the way mobile gaming will evolve.



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