We are in the Moomin Museum!

So exciting – Moomin Museum had its grand opening in June 17th in Tampere!

There were lots of fantastic art, and also creative ways to use mobile technology

The chief of exhibition Virpi Nikkari describes the challenge to choose the art works, sensitivity of the graphics, digital means that will enhance the experience in the new museum, multidiscipline team working day and night.

Read the whole story in the local newspaper, Aamulehti. It’s only in Finnish, but the Moomin Museum is in various languages!

Moomin Museum Aamulehti

Citynomadi proudly presents the app for the world’s one and only Moomin Museum in Tampere, Finland!

Indoor positioning in the museum, additional, multilingual information for the exhibition, choose from the dramatized or fact guidance, audios, photos and graphics, also the site map of the Tampere hall to spend the whole day there! The Moomin Museum is dim so the mobile app will give you more information of the exhibition.

The Moomin Museum app is available on iOS and Android.

Moomin Museum in Google Play


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Take Citynomadi app with you and go for a fun trip from Viinikka to Messukylä. On the route you will find cute gardens and fresh forest, for example.

If you can’t take the route physically, also online version is worth a visit: You are able to visit some of the places virtually. VirtualTampere offers very authentic experience.


#Pilgrimage #Tampere #VirtualTampere #Citynomadi

50 000 Observations in TiiraNomadi!

Have you seen some fun looking birds this spring and summer? There were over 50 000 bird observations made with TiiraNomadi and 1000 observations on the first weekend of May alone!

With TiiraNomadi you will be able to add new species of your own observation more easily in the nature even without mobile data. When you are connected to the web again, upload your observations to the tiira.fi database.

Get yours on your Android Nomadi mobile by this link:

TiiraNomadi on Google Play


We are Museums #WAM2017

What happened in Riga’s workshop? The attendees dived under the skin of Nomadi and explored the streets of Riga to listen to the stories of the city and how they feel about them.

On the third day in Riga Citynomadi was presenting the museum map app at TechLovesCulture. Nicely crowded, smooth atmosphere, interesting discussions!

Museums may have a gameful app, both with indoor and outdoor positioning to boost the visitor experience. And it is not too expensive!

Read more about the event on:

We are Museums 2017


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Finland100 and you!

See all our Finland100 routes in Citynomadi’s Finland100

As a route of year the 1957 we introduce Sibelius in Paris.

He composed several significant pieces, like his seven symphonies and the tone poem Finlandia to support the Finnish-minded of the early 20th century. Sibelius liked to travel and work abroad, like for example in Paris.

See and listen to the footsteps of Sibelius in Paris: Sibelius in Paris

While in Paris, download the Nomadi app to guide you on your walk on app.citynomadi.com.


#Finland100 #Paris #Sibelius #Music #art #symphony #together

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