Watercolor Maps

Maps can be informative, plain or something in between. Geographic data covers more than streets, seas and railways, and you can enrich the map with any information and create a so called theme map.

We’ve found a Creative Commons map based on the Open Steet Map information by Stamen Design, and it’s something else. Maps are global, they cover the whole world. It’s fashinating to watch the geography of Finland, of Tampere, our home town, from the totally new perspective. There not as up to dated as we are used with the Open Street Maps.


The global map has been colored with a watercolor style, and it surely looks beautiful. It is still easy to understand and one can navigate through it. You can follow the routes and waterways and locate your self on it.

We’ve implemented the maps on Nomadi app, and they are an option for any of our route creators. Just contact us! There is always one default map for a route, but usually one is able to switch the map  by clicking the icon in the south-east corner of Nomadi app!


As an example you can have a look at the Mobile game for Helsinki Design Week in Helsinki and the top attractions in Venice. Notice our spotty on Tampere in the far horizon of the Helsinki map! It here I am writing this blog at the moment.

Download Nomadi app on app.citynomadi.com and admire the new outlook of maps, watercolored maps.

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