It’s A Game Time!

Outdoor and Indoor!

Did you know that our mobile routes work just as well indoors, as outdoors?

We can also attach different kinds of maps for outdoors and indoors spaces of the same route!

Watch the demo video!

#Mobileroute #Nomadi #Indoorpositioning #GPS #App #Ips

New routes in Oulu!

City parks of Oulu consist of parks, statues and plants. Originally the purpose of the city parks of Oulu was to improve fire safety of many wood-made houses in the city, but nowadays it’s mostly used to refresh the citizens.

Get familiar with the parks online, or even better, go explore there with Citynomadi’s Nomadi App

Among the park route, Oulu has made six other amazing routes. You can collect all of them!

#Oulu #Nordic #City #Park #Nomadi


Game your health! 

We participated the Games for Health event in Kuopio, where the main goal was to find the good and effective ways to use gamfication in improvement and monitoring health. Citynomadi gave a talk of gamificating in the urban and nature areas.

Here you can get familiar with WellNomadi, and find your own fun ways to maintain your well-being!

Watch our short WellNomadi-video on YouTube


Moomin Museum App, now even handier!

We’ve updated the Android and iOS Moomin Museum App recently!

It is available for free on Google Play and App Store. Just search for Moomin Museum!

Locate yourself in the Museum and let the stories come to you! The blue ball on a map will tell you where you are at the moment, and switching the floors is easy by clicking the green bubbles on the right.

More adventurous information than you ever could expect! Photos, graphics, quotes, anecdotes, audios, and the most important thing, find out the photo booths in the museum.


We celebrated education at the Oppimisen Fiesta event!

Citynomadi was participating with its own SchoolNomadi stand at the Oppimisen Fiesta education event in the Finlandia Hall. Especially the gaming theme was popular this year. It was wonderful to see the teachers’ enthusiasm in improving their students’ motivation and learning results using the fun and modern methods!

#OppimisenFiesta #teacher #school #pupil #education #SchoolNomadi #Helsinki


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