Merry Christmas and Seasonal Greetings!

Tiera’s event of digital learning focused on the different ways of learning!


At the event of development of digital learning, there were lot to offer to schools, teachers and students. In the afternoon, we held two SchoolNomadi workshops, on topics such as phenomena-learning and play-based learning.

Mobile map to the Metsokangas school!

As the themes of the Fast Experiments of the Metsokangas community center were chosen the theme of the school community for the environment, safety and user-friendliness of the area. Citynomadi carries out the campus guide map.

Smart City Barcelona!


We participated together with SmartTampere in the Smart City event in Barcelona, and we also made a very successful indoor location demo. It is available in the Nomadi application under the name ‘Nordic’s Pavilion indoor demo’.

Innovation time at the BHRC Hackathon!

Video: Citynomadi shows the Moodmetric data real time on a map

At the BHTC Hackathon, at the Tampere University of Technology, we discussed the idea of cooperation between Citynomadi and Moodmetric. The Nomadi application was combined with the Moodometric Stress Level Metering Ring, whereby the user’s location was recorded in the traffic, and the stress levels were shown on the map. Such solutions are worthy in traffic planning.

The stories of the 100 years old Finland on the map!


During the year 2017, that is a Finland’s 100 years anniversary, Citynomadi was part of the Finland100 (Suomi100) program. On the Citynomadi’s Finland100 wall were assembled the routes related to major events and achievements of every year of the independent Finland. Congratulations once again to the independent Finland!


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