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Welcome to the Lapland’s Village Stories!

The Village Stories project has been carried out in villages Kierinki, Vuotso, Suvanto, Kairala, Oinas and Joutsijärvi including local history, culture and stories collected and chosen by the locals. Themes of the videos are local everyday life, myths, fantasy stories, funny coincidences, history and legends. All videos have English subtitles!

You can download the free application called Village Stories on Google Play and App Store. Make sure that you download the selected villages for offline use! Then you don’t need any mobile data or roaming.

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1918 – one hundred years from the Finnish Civil War!

A hundred years ago, in January 27, started the Finnish Civil War, which is remembered by various events this year. One of the most prominent places in the bloody battles was Tampere and its neighbouring municipalities. Citynomadi has published a Tampere Battle Route – Tampereen Taistelu to explore the phases and events of the war in their right places.


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Marketing at the Matka Nordic Travel Fair!

There is already plenty of Citynomadi’s routes, from the south to the north of Finland! On The Matka Nordic Travel Fair, Salla, Oulu and Tuusulanjärvi showed their own ways of marketing their Nomadi routes.

There are lots of effective ways to promote and inform travellers. In addition to the printed material, Nomadi routes can be seen, for example, as embedded in the web sites, on display boards, in the social media and videos.

See also Citynomad’s own YouTube channel!



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