Experience something new in Lapland!

In Tonttula – Elves Hideaway, you will not miss the flames of the sky!

The Aurora Watcher sends a push notification on your smartphone, about the visibility of the northern lights, by showing the glow on the screen and with sound alarm.

Tonttula – Elves Hideaway in Levi, has published the Tonttula app! However, it is not just an application, but it also contains some very specific information.

Now you no longer need to be in the guard of the night sky, and wait to see some revelations of the Northern Lights. By downloading the free Tonttula – Elves Hideaway app, it’s Aurora Watcher will do it for you!

There are three open-source data used in the unique Aurora Watcher, and it is first of its kind. The probability of the Northern Lights is reported, based on Levi and Sodankylä region’s magnetic field of the upper atmosphere observations, sun rise and sun set time data and cloudiness information.

Search the Tonttula – Elves hideaway in Google Play

Search the Tonttula – Elves hideaway app in App Store

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Tarinakylät – Village Stories app presents the magnificent villages of Lapland!

In the winter time you can do much more than just ski in Lapland. Six idyllic and legendary villages of Lapland, offer besides fantastic views, also lots of funny and exciting stories, and narration about how people used to live there and how they live today. There is a video story on the each point of interest of the village.

Watch the video!

You can download the Tarinakylät – Village Stories app for free, and choose Finnish or English from the language options. By downloading the village route to your phone’s memory, you can also use it offline!

Search the Tarinakylät – Village Stories app from Google Play

Search the Tarinakylät – Village Stories app in App Store

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