Sailing in the archipelagos this summer!

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In Iniö you can spend a day or another having fun!

Pro Iniö has published a route in the Iniö archipelago at the end of May, when the ferries started summer cruising. The route has gained some great popularity among the visitors, but also among the local entrepreneurs, who wanted to be seen, and tell their stories on the mobile map. The popularity has not popped up by itself, but with some active marketing, that will still continue, as in Iniö is enough things to see and do all year round.

You can see all the events of Iniö archipelago on the website of Parainen.

Inion uusi kartta

Nallikarin Tusinan Go! game in the Fast experiments!

Citynomadi participated in the Business Oulu’s Fast Experiments project, where we implemented a game tour along with the local enterpreneurs in Nallikari. Nallikarin Tusinan Go! route includes activities and services, but also photogenic places, as the Nallikari’s Lighthouse is on the third place of the most photographed Finnish places on the Instagram.

Even if the actual trial period lasted only for one month, the game can still be played until the spring 2019.

nallikari A6 flyer

Give the game feedback here, we will raffle the prize winner among the respondents!

Seurasaari Midummer Bonfires was celebrated on the Nomadi map!

Midsummer was once again celebrated on the Seurasaari island, with traditional Finnish festivities. This year, there was also a Citynomadi’s event map that guided people to the program sites. Search Seurasaari Midsummer Bonfires route from the Nomadi app, and look where the most brilliant Midsummer dances were danced and where was the brightest Midsummer bonfire!


Citynomadi was chosen as one of the best products in the water system tourism!​

During 2016–2018, the Island Committee and the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry conducted and funded a survey project concerning the best products and operating models in tourism related to the islands, coastal areas and inland waters of Finland. The final report includes descriptions of 80 products and 16 operating models from Finland and abroad, where Citynomadi was one of them.

You can read the report summary in English here​, pages 17-19.

Dive into the world of the colors and art in Finlayson!

Finlayson Art Area is once again delighting us with its colors and the art works of professional artists. You can read about the artists and their works by visiting the Citynomadi’s map, or search  Finlayson Art Area route, from the Nomadi app.

Watch also the video!

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