In about a week, Citynomadi will work even better!


During next week on Monday 17th and on Tuesday 18th will have short maintenance breaks. Routes that are downloaded on the Nomadi app will work normally, but in online use there might be some cuts. Disruptions also apply to the embedded routes on customers web sites.

Download the routes in advance, and no headache about the maintenance break!

Now you can visit the Hilma and Onni museums with a mobile guide!

North Karelian Museum Hilma and Joensuu Art Museum Onni, presents you Citynomadi’s mobile map, that will guide you in Finnish, English, Russian, Arabic and Finnish plain language. Enjoy the culture and art!

juliste-pohja-oikeareunaCitynomadia5 englanti

Nuuksio National Park got its own nature pilgrim route!

Nuuksio National Park has opened a Nature Pilgrim Route on a Finnish Nature Day.  You can find this route from the Nomadi application as a little pilgrimage to Nuuksio.

Content of the pilgrimage route is written by environmental scientist Panu Pihkala. He hopes that the path will strengthen links between people and the nature, and will help to preserve the environment.

29.8 was a big day for the Ylöjärvi city!

The legendary Finnish band was celebrated in its hometown Ylöjärvi, where a sculpture was reveiled to its honor, at the City Hall square. Nomadi has also published a route, in which the points of interest are related to the band’s phases, and so the main part of the stories is told by the band members.

You can search the route by the headword Ylöjärvi.

Visit Finland’s own Peterhof!

Why to go abroad, to see beautiful parks, when you can go to Kitee in Finland as well? There you can admire the medical herbs, roses and wild animals, that are often visiting the area.

From the Nomadi app you will find a beautiful map, from which you get to know the hundreds of years old local traditions.

Pietarhovi uusi

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