September 2018 – Scroll Free September Is Soon Over

The RSPH, Royal Society for Public Health advises to have a scroll-free September meaning, no social media what so ever.

It is true, that some people suffer from social media over dose, others feel trapped by it, and it is easier to bully than in a real life.  But, for those people, the scroll-free September is not a solution, is a problem lapse.

Anyway, the scroll-free September is not necessarily a total ban. One can choose from a number of roles: as a Social Butterfly you’ll give up social media while sosializing; as a Night Owl you’ll go to sleep at six pm; as a Busy Bee you’ll stop to use the individual some accounts at school or at work; and as a Sleeping Dog you won’t use a mobile or laptop in bed.

I would not call the social media a nuisance, or a problem either. Whether I need a break, I do not know. Social media is a part of the working role for many of us, keeping together social life and bringing old friends together. Is this a problem?

So, what happened, did you spend or ignore the scroll-free!



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