Hurray, updated Nomadi!


Now the hardest work is done, so the Nomadi app and are handier than ever!

On the indoor routes you can switch from floor to floor!  

The museum tours have often lots to see, on several floors. On the Nomadi app map you can choose and change the floor from the right side of the screen. The same way you can get to know museum’s gems from your home couch on the browser. Handy, isn’t it?

Joensuu Art Museum Onni

North Karelian Museum Hilma


Now you have languages to choose from!

In the Citynomadi concept there are also plenty of language options for the routes, including the logographic languages.

Track your own route on Android!

The Nomadi’s tracker has been updated, so you can now easily make your own tracks on your Android device, right on the go. Click New route from the Nomadi’s menu, and it’s ready to use. You can publish the route on, on the Community side.


How-to video clips to help the route makers

Within our updates, the map platform Web Tuner has changed a little bit as well. That’s why we will  soon make the new manual videos, that helps users with the easy page tool. We will publish the videos on our You Tube channel and on the Web Tuner manual.

In the Mindtrek event we presented the immersive technology!

On the first day of Mindtrek event, Merja and staff of the Moomin Museum told how you can use technology in creating experiences. After the presentation, audience got to the museum tour to see in practice, what the immersive technology means, and how it is used in the Moomin Museum. Remember to download the free Muumimuseo app when you visit the museum, and see for yourself.

Muumimuseo app on App Store

Muumimuseo app on Google Play


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Citynomadi visualizes interactivity and information on maps. Our web site gives you more examples, what we do, and how. Also, please, follow our Facebook and Twitter, to keep in pace with us!

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