Orientation can’t get any easier!

orientation beam akvarelli tre

Orientation beam shows you the way!

Nomadi has now a new location mark, that shows you with the orientation beam, which direction you are going.

The Lumo Light Festival gathered people around the light!

This year’s Lumo Light Festival was concentrated around the Oulu city centre and spanned only one weekend. Once again, the festival was highly international, and most of the artworks have received their Finnish premieres in Oulu and Lumo. The selection have featured also many pieces made by local artists and communities from Oulu.

If you didn’t make it to see it live, search Nomadi’s Lumo Light Festival 2018 route, and get in the light in the middle of darkness!

LUMO Light Festival Oulu

Tiera’s Digital Learning Day grows year by year!

On November 23 we participated again in Digital Learning Day in Ruoholahti, organised by Tiera. The event gathered a lot of teachers, people of the education sector as well as different organisations  of the learning sphere to hear about new ways of learning technological methods.


Read more about Tiera!

Nomadis around the world!

In November Nomadis have participated in many events.

For the Smart City Barcelona we have made the indoor location pilot by the Nordic Pavillion with feedback form and the IoT sensors sensing temperature. Next year with new tricks

We were at the Aidex2018 fair in Brussels, together with Business Finland.

We were among fifteen Finnish companies at the Aidex2018, at Business Finland’s stand to introduce

products and services for humanitarian purposes. Map services are clearly actual, whether it is about crowd sourcing, guiding, or communicating between different groups of people.

See some examples of humanitarian maps!

Aidex2018 Blog: Nomadi museum app helps immigrants to integrate



Let’s go to the Ice Age of Lahti!

What a staggering thought, that the earth under our feet has been under a thick layer of ice. The geological route of the Lahti city illustrates brilliantly, how the terrain has molded into its current form, over the years.

Open the Nomadi app, and search the route with a headword Lahti!




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