Orientation beam on the map!

Now you can mark areas on the map!

There is a new feature on the WebTuner and Nomadi Android. You can mark the whole areas, and as with points of interest, they will activate, when visiting them. Remember to refresh your Nomadi app, and you are ready to go!


Polygonit Tampere

Spotty shows you the way!

It is important to perceive your location when reading the map. Nomadi’s own spotty has got a new look, and an orientation beam that shows your direction.

Finland shone at the Bett Education Show!

Citynomadi was one of the exhibitors at the VisitFinland stand. The Finnish booth was a success! Everyone wants to know, how Finland does it.

Citynomadi has a tool for schools, called SchoolNomadi, where pupils are able to create learning paths and gamificate them according to teachers’ guidance. Ask for more!

Nadja Osipova
+358 404840177

2019Bett Merja ja Nadja

Watch how we are doing in New York!

Citynomadi is one of those nine Finnish companies to be taken to US markets by Kasvun Roihu in February. You can see our phases of the trip by following our social media channels, like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

If you want to know more, what this is all about, read this.


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About citynomadi

Citynomadi visualizes interactivity and information on maps. Our web site citynomadi.com gives you more examples, what we do, and how. Also, please, follow our Facebook and Twitter, to keep in pace with us!

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