October 15.10

Navigating in the hospital area is easy now!

Now you can get familiar with the renewed hospital area of TAYS. The interactive map will help you with that.

Just type tays.fi/kartta on your browser – preferably on your mobile to locate yourself.

On the Tampere Day the new hospital building was introduced to the audience to celebrate the 240th Day of Tampere!

Here is the map

Tays muok

Citynomadi in Smart Tampere!

Tampere city center has installed interactive info kiosks for inhabitants and tourists. The content and functionality of the info screens were developed together with various companies, and Citynomadi is one of them. Read some more from the Smart Tampere newsletter!

Smart Tampere

Citynomadi In WDBE 2019 

World Summit on Digital Built Environment was held in Helsinki on the 24th and 25th of September.  Citynomadi was presenting the IoT air quality visualisation concept in the Digital lifecycle slot on Wednesday.

Read more!

Oulun IoT



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