Route novelties! 9.12.


Go to the Cultural Biking route in Kangasala!

The new Nomadi route is published in Kangasala, and everyone is  welcome there to ride a bike. The route has an automatic audioguide, so you can easily keep going and listen to the stories about your surroundings at the same time.


Now there is a new route in Lapland!

Santa’s Hotel Aurora Luosto offers a route with stunning views, but also gives you some tips about nature’s gifts. There are also some reindeers, that might come to say hi. Search ‘Luosto’ from the Nomadi app!


Join the Seven Brothers!

There is a new hiking trail in Nomadi, that is passing through the places where the national author of Finland, Aleksis Kivi lived and worked. Along the route there are also stories about Kivi and fragments of his production.

Read some more here!

Oulu of Kalle Päätalo!

On November 11th, was the 100th anniversary since the birth of the Finnish novelist, Kalle Päätalo.

The new Nomadi route will take you to the twelve destinations, featured in Kalle Päätalo’s Iijoki series.

Read more from the Kaleva’s news article!

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