Technology keeps going and growing! 10.3

Citynomadi proudly presents our brand new website!

We have published our renewed and fresh website, so take a visit right away!

CN päivityskuva 2020

Travel Technology Europe!

27th of March, in London at the Innovation 20 : 20 was the Citynomadi’s tourism and travel interactive paths’ talk. Great honour to be selected as one of the forecasting travel technology company.

#tte20 #Olympia #London #MobileMassage #tourism #traveltech #SplittyTravel #RoadTravel #Sideway6 #Guesty #BusinessTravelWire

Travel Tech 2020 Merja

Festival planning in Seinäjoki!

Citynomadi’s event map will serve the Tango Festival visitors in July. On the kick off day Innofest from Netherlands gave a good insight about how great test environments the festivals really are for the new innovations.

Good planning and information is also a matter of safety. The map will show first aid points among the events and services.

#IntoSeinäjoki #InnoFest #Tangofestivals #Tangomarkkinat

Seinäjoen festarisuunnittelu

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Citynomadi visualizes interactivity and information on maps. Our web site gives you more examples, what we do, and how. Also, please, follow our Facebook and Twitter, to keep in pace with us!

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