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Coronamap New 030420

​​​Open data for COVID-19 map

To illustrate the spreading and emerging situation for the Corona-virus, we integrated the open data available on the global maps.

Originally there were two data sets compared: confirmed and active cases on one hand and and recovered and unfortunate death cases on the other. The data will be updating on a daily basis, and it gives a good view to compare the cases between areas.

The data source of John Hopkins after the 27th March no longer included the recovered numbers because of difficulty acquiring reliable info. Therefore the numbers after that were estimated based on data from Hubei China.

We also erased the other layer of recovered vs. death cases, and the coronavirus map is clearer to interpret now. Some of the points of interest have been combined, e.g. the US situation is visualized in one bubble entity.

For the details, please have a look at the Info of the map.

How to get introduced to the map?


and click open any of the bubble for the detailed information.

How does the timeline develop?

The exponential curves can be found in each of the country one by one. After two months, the active and confirmed cases have flatten in Hubei, China, which had been the starting point of the epidemic. The epidemic wave had reached its peak. Some countries, like Finland, follow a bit late, but the disinfectant curve seems to be alike.

The colors of the curves relate to the bubble on the map. If you want to check out the timeline of the confirmed cases, just follow the red timeline.

Open data on COVID19 map

The global data combined by the John Hopkins University from medical hubs around the world and published by GitHub data repository for further use.

The data will updated on a daily basis, and the exact numbers of cases may be a day behind from the national authorities announcements.

Data from COVID-19

Coronavirus comparison on map

​​​​​The coronavirus situation is evolving at different pace in different countries, and to illustrate this variation in the country-by- country perspective, the figures can now be compared in relatively different order of magnitude.

By comparing the data, the information brought to the map gives a quick picture of the situation and illustrates the progression of the COVID-19 virus and its impact on the population.

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