Summer adventures with Nomadi!

Great news for sweet teeth!

Fazer Experience Centre has re-opened now! Along with the opening season there is now Fazer Experience Yard Game, for all who like to challenge themselves in a fun way. Head to Vantaa, search ‘Fazer’ from your Nomadi app and let the game begin!

– Great moments at Fazer –

Read more about the Yard Game and other Fazer novelties!

Screenshot 2020-06-04 at 11.08.35

Follow the silver water line with Nomadi now!

Hopealinja Cruising has started the summer season! You can now enjoy the views of Tampere – Hämeenlinna route together with Nomadi. There will be few stops to the land, but Nomadi will be your guide while sailing.


This year’s Open Villages event is on the web!

The purpose of the Open Villages event is to introduce villages as a good place to live and to get acquainted with the way of life in villages. This year the event will be held digitally, which means that the villages will be presented on the Nomadi app. Save the date 13.6!

Open Villages


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