Refresh yourself on waters!


Follow the silver water line with Nomadi now!

Hopealinja Cruising’s summer season is well underway! You can now enjoy the views of Tampere – Hämeenlinna route together with Nomadi. There will be few stops to the land, but Nomadi will be your guide while sailing.



Awesome news for foodies!

Perfect summer consists of relaxed mood and fresh products, grown under the Finnish midnight sun. Landsbygdens Folk newspaper has recently published a news article about Nomadi’s Route of Flavours. The route has almost 30 places to buy goodies for the summer table at the Finnish archipelago. You will find it by searching ‘smakrutt’ from Nomadi.

Read more



Brand new archipelago route for the summer cycling!

Three archipelago municipalities Kustavi, Taivassalo and Brändö have created together a 90 kilometers long route in the Nomadi app, that goes through their islands. Along the way you have plenty of options where to visit and to stay overnight.

By cycling you will get the best out of this Saaristoreitti route in the midsummer light.



Paddle from Juva to Sulkava along the Squirrel Route!

Now is the best time to have a water trail experience in the lake Finland. Nomadi’s Squirrel Canoeing Route is suitable for families, and you have nothing to worry about, as you know exactly the way and your location.

The latest article of Matka-Suomi has some more interesting facts to tell about this route and area!




Water tourism is pop!

The Citynomadi concept as a guide in water tourism has been taken into account in the past as well.

Read the The final report of the Archipelago Affairs Advisory Board and the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of the Good products and operating models of the coastal and waterway tourism. Introduction of Citynomadi is on the page 132.

Finnish Water Tourism Report

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