You can always take part in hybrid events!

August 21th 2020

People long for the events and good mood, and corona lockdowns don’t take it away. The hybrid event is the thing nowadays, as you have the possibility to be part of the event no matter where you are. During the summer Nomadi has been involved in many hybrid events, offering experiences, memories and new destinations.

Congratulations Haus der Musik Museum and Beethoven!

Haus der Musik’s 20th birthday was celebrated in June. This year, also Beethoven has his 250 year anniversary. Lots of things to celebrate, see, hear and experience.

In honor of Beethoven’s 250th anniversary, the Haus der Musik Museum in Vienna has published the Beethoven map in Nomadi. Although this year has been a very difficult time for museums and events, it hasn’t stopped people from celebrating Beethoven’s life work around Vienna. As you have your Nomadi guide in your pocket, you can go to the Beethoven city tour whenever you want virtually or on the place when possible. #beethoven #HdM

Haus der Musik – Beethoven 2020

Beethoven promo

Tango Festival went virtual!

We created an atmospheric map in cooperation with the iconic ‘Tangomarkkinat’ tango event and our cooperation partner IntoSeinäjoki. The map offered veteran visitors the best pieces of memoirs from previous years, as well as information for newcomers about the venue and its traditions.

Citynomadi always wants to develop its map services, so the really valuable information and feedback is everything that helps the findability of experiences and enjoyment. It will help local entrepreneurs to get more visibility as well. Also the feeling of security is important for the event visitors, and it is taken into account when we make a guiding map for the huge public.

Welcome to the Tangomarkkinat event next year. We are developing the Nomadi event map for the next year. Then it will have interactivity, programmes, feedback and many other things. See you at the Tangomarkkinat  2021!  #tango

Experience Tango festival virtually!

Tango promo

Nationwide Open Villages event attracted great popularity!

Dozens of villages welcomed everyone to explore their best attractions in June. They were partly accessible at the place, but also virtually in the Nomadi app. You can still admire the villages from Nomadi. Search for VillageNomadi, select Community, and the villages are in front of you! #VillageNomadi #OpenVillages

Read more here!

Kylänomadi promo

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