We grow to become Superfinns!



Citynomadi to boost business in SUPERFINNS!

Our company was qualified to participate the most prominent business program in 2021 in Finland – SUPERFINNS! Our SaaS scalability and willingness to grow for the international market was endorsed and this is the result.

Read more about the program and check out our peers!

KasvuOpen Superfinns

The Wayfinder Service For the Metro Station !

Keep following the launch on social media in April – May 2021!


As an add-on for the Citynomadi’s seamless map service in the we’ve created the wayfinding tool to guide the people from their now about location to the most crucial point of interest for them.

The wayfinder feature in the metro and underground stations will help the passengers, not only tourists to decide which exit to choose, where to interchange in the traffic hubs, and where to find the services.

The rapid experiment will take place in City of Espoo, at Tapiola metro station which is situated in the Ainoa shopping center by the rapid living, office and university area. We also work together with HSL, the public transport operator in the Finnish metropolitan area.

Low Carbon Traffic Within the Hubs

The rapid experiment in the metro stations was made possible by the national program for the six cities in Finland: The low carbon traffic within the hubs. The wayfinding tool has been planned to work especially in the environments combined of the outdoor and indoor premises.

Get familiar with nature tourism map services!

Welcome to the webinar, where Citynomadi and other experts will present map services and briefly explain how to use them. You will hear how map services are used in tourism and regional marketing.

Date and time: Tuesday, May 4th 2021 at 1 pm – 4 pm UTC+2

Registration is open until April 30th 2021 on: https://bit.ly/3slCizi

Check the program and guests from the Invitation

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