Citynomadi and Dubai Expo


Citynomadi will assist at the Dubai Expo 2021!

At the expo, Finland will have its own pavilion called “Snow Cape” with 40 Finnish companies and clusters. The pavilion is run by Business Finland, and Citynomadi will be a cooperation partner providing the ‘where-to-find’ map service for the Finnish exhibition partners.

Business Finland DubaiExpo 2021


Long-lasting collaboration!

We have been collaborating for ten years now, and the City of Porvoo is still constantly thinking of fun new routes to put out! Check out, for example, the new route in Porvoo city centre. On this route, you get to see Instagram worthy sceneries, culturohistorical locations and areas important to biodiversity. 

Thank you Porvoo, it is a pleasure to work with you!

You can find the route on the Nomadi app by searching #Porvoo and #keskusta or through this link.

#Porvoo #collaboration #partner #scenery #photo #culture #nomadi

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