Eventfull Summer


Festival Maps For Different Users

When planning a festival map, it’s important to take different user groups into account. At Blockfest, there were three maps for three different users, which were festival goers as well as artists and staff with their own code activated maps.

The Popularity Of Festival Maps

Tammerfest had a different perspective on their festival map. They had a club program on their map with different things to see and experience in local bars and restaurants around Tampere  during the festival. This was popular among the users with 60 % of festival goers checked out the map.

Event Maps On The Rise

This summer, different event maps have been popular. In the picture below, you’ll see Citynomadi’s maps from this year. Feel free to contact us if you want to hear more about our event maps!

Check out the video about our events here!

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Citynomadi visualizes interactivity and information on maps. Our web site citynomadi.com gives you more examples, what we do, and how. Also, please, follow our Facebook and Twitter, to keep in pace with us!

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