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Pokémon Go, Go! No 11

Apple made the product launch this morning. Their Apple Watch Series 2 is water proof, swimming proof and Apple has been business partnering with Niantic Labs in Apple Watch development.

This means Apple made a promise to all Pokémon Go players to chase Pokémons in swimming pools, wild water, oceans and lakes!  Do all the Pokémons know how to swim and dive?

The Verge of today’s Apple launch


Pokémon Go, Go! No 10

To be after the Pokémons will be exhaustive, because the hard core & smart ass people of gaming noticed there are Pokémons that only live by nights. You really have to concentrate!

Have a full charged battery on mobile, supportive batteries in your pockets, or know the places, where to recharge. In Finland at least some churches announced having recharge stops and Tampere Hall gave out a newsletter about this lately.

Then, you have to have a day nap in order to recharge your brain energy to chase the Pokémon night growlers. Just like we humans, Pokémons seem to have characters!



Pokémon Go, Go! No 9

Did you realise that Pokémon Go makes you aware of your surroundings, clever, witty, streetwise and talkative?

It took over a month for a journalist to write about the cultural capital Pokémon Go is offering to its players. It is so simple but so obvious, the Pokéstops are landmarks of the area, often hidden and often unknown for the passers by.

As an inhabitant in this town I seldom go to museums or art exhibition, sorry about that, and I hardly know the memory plaques if somebody asks me to name one.

Thanks to Pokémon Go, the youngsters will be more street wise of their own city, by stopping at the Pokéstops they can’t avoid knowing the history of their neighbourhood.





Pokémon Go, Go! No 2

A guy called Nick Johnson has caught them all. Is the game over now? Not in my opinion. Quite many video game players play the game over and over, why not the Pokémon Go?

He published the scoreboard of all 142. He advised to put good shoes on and challenge him.

The developers of any game have a quest to develop the game for the addicted players, because you may play Pokémon Go once again as it is, but how about the third time to catch all of the 142?

By Merja

Pokémon Go, Go! No 1

Pokémon Go game has been in titles for two weeks now, and it was finally released 5 days ago in Finland. The success shows that the wellbeing, economic and social perpetual motion machine has been invited.

All the digital companies have been forced to answer a bloody question, how you’ll make the money. Some, like Supercell has gained by the in-app purchases as well as will Pokémon Go do. It’s a volume business, if there’s no user volume the company just have to find out the way.

But, now the new economy seems to work out, finally. Pokémon Go will succeed and it will boost the economy more widely.

Pokémon Go moves people and it moves the economy and it makes people social. Due to the need of energy consumption of the screen constantly on, the players have to recharges their mobiles more often, and at least in Finland the church (The Evangelist Church) has invited the players to gather at their premises to recharge their phones. Clever, the church of Finland has been suffering from the wave of leaving the church membership, especially by youngsters and young adults!

Read more about this, Wed, 20th July, 2016.