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Christmas wishes from us!


Visiting the graves at Christmas time

Try out the popular service in the areas of Espoo, Seinäjoki, Vaasa and Helsinki. You can search for the burial place by searching for the surname of the deceased. The map included in the service, shows the location of the grave at the cemetery.

You will find the grave of your loved ones even easier!

Check out the service here!



Naantali walking route

At Christmas time, you can get around the Naantali walking tour. The route has many different beautiful sights and a walking path, as well as lots of Christmas activities and destinations in Naantali.

On the route you will experience a real Christmas atmosphere!

Check out the route here!


Christmas spirit at Citynomadi!


Christmas Market atmosphere has begun!

The gates of Tampere’s Christmas market have been open since 27th November, inviting to try Christmas delicacies and choose some  beautiful gifts. 🥨

Here you can check out the Christmas market´s map or download the free Nomadi app and search #ChristmasMarket. You can see your own location on the map.

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Advent Calendar

We decided to set up Citynomadi´s own Advent Calendar on our social media channels. In our Advent Calendar, Maria the elf is adventuring at the Arctic Circle and tells us different tips, routes, features and other fun things every day until 24th of December.

Follow all the channels if you already haven´t done that.

You can find the Advent Calendar:






Barcelona calling!


Abroad again!

This week, you can find us in Barcelona, at the Smart City Expo World event, where we have our own stand at the Nordic Pavilion. We are introducing,among other things, TAYS hospital digital area map and Way Finding solutions. It is nice to be able to showcase our work abroad again!

Read more about the event here and also about the event´s program!

#Barcelona #SCEWC21 #SmartCities #event #nomadi #nordicpavilion



It’s happening…

…a Way Finding service is being launched for Kontinkangas in Oulu! From car parks, bus stops, healthcare facilities, educational institutions and faculties, Way Finding will help you find everything you’re looking for in the area. You can even see the number of available parking spaces and bus timetables in real time!

Check out the brand new service and here you can participate in the development of the map service on Patio.

#Oulu #Kontinkangas #wayfinding #service #nomadi


Citynomadi and Dubai Expo


Citynomadi will assist at the Dubai Expo 2021!

At the expo, Finland will have its own pavilion called “Snow Cape” with 40 Finnish companies and clusters. The pavilion is run by Business Finland, and Citynomadi will be a cooperation partner providing the ‘where-to-find’ map service for the Finnish exhibition partners.

Business Finland DubaiExpo 2021


Long-lasting collaboration!

We have been collaborating for ten years now, and the City of Porvoo is still constantly thinking of fun new routes to put out! Check out, for example, the new route in Porvoo city centre. On this route, you get to see Instagram worthy sceneries, culturohistorical locations and areas important to biodiversity. 

Thank you Porvoo, it is a pleasure to work with you!

You can find the route on the Nomadi app by searching #Porvoo and #keskusta or through this link.

#Porvoo #collaboration #partner #scenery #photo #culture #nomadi


Vaccination without hassle!



Vaccination safely and conveniently in Tampere!

We partnered with the SURE project and made a map of the Ratina vaccination unit in Tampere. Parking options for cars and bicycles are marked on the map, and it includes the bus schedules from Tampere regional transport. With this map, your vaccination experience will go smoothly.

SURE has now published a blog post about the Ratina map. You can read it from this link: How to get safely vaccinated in Ratina with SURE

Search #Ratina on the Nomadi app and you’ll find the map, or click this link:


We grow to become Superfinns!



Citynomadi to boost business in SUPERFINNS!

Our company was qualified to participate the most prominent business program in 2021 in Finland – SUPERFINNS! Our SaaS scalability and willingness to grow for the international market was endorsed and this is the result.

Read more about the program and check out our peers!

KasvuOpen Superfinns

The Wayfinder Service For the Metro Station !

Keep following the launch on social media in April – May 2021!


As an add-on for the Citynomadi’s seamless map service in the we’ve created the wayfinding tool to guide the people from their now about location to the most crucial point of interest for them.

The wayfinder feature in the metro and underground stations will help the passengers, not only tourists to decide which exit to choose, where to interchange in the traffic hubs, and where to find the services.

The rapid experiment will take place in City of Espoo, at Tapiola metro station which is situated in the Ainoa shopping center by the rapid living, office and university area. We also work together with HSL, the public transport operator in the Finnish metropolitan area.

Low Carbon Traffic Within the Hubs

The rapid experiment in the metro stations was made possible by the national program for the six cities in Finland: The low carbon traffic within the hubs. The wayfinding tool has been planned to work especially in the environments combined of the outdoor and indoor premises.

Get familiar with nature tourism map services!

Welcome to the webinar, where Citynomadi and other experts will present map services and briefly explain how to use them. You will hear how map services are used in tourism and regional marketing.

Date and time: Tuesday, May 4th 2021 at 1 pm – 4 pm UTC+2

Registration is open until April 30th 2021 on:

Check the program and guests from the Invitation

There is still time to join the SXSW event!


Hollywood stars on the Nomadi map and much more at the SXSW event!

The South by Southwest event is the most important professional event for new creative industries and new technologies in the United States, which is held this year in entirely digital form, from March 16th-20th, 2021. The program includes screenings, lectures and international networking. This year, Citynomadi will be on display at the event with Business Finland.

The Hollywood film Dual, written and directed by Riley Stearns, was shot in Finland. The Dual team chose city of Tampere and its surrounding municipalities as shooting locations. At our booth, we present the Day off with Hollywood stars map, created by Visit Tampere. It takes you to the film shooting spots and shows the leisure destinations of the Dual crew.

In addition to the fan routes our key themes at SXSW are:

– safety maps

– sustainable tourism and staycation

– smart cities

– seamless positioning indoors and outdoors

Read more from the Business Finland release

See the Business Finland Pavilion​ and check the whole program!

You can still visit the ITB Berlin NOW!

Last week we were also on display at the virtual ITB Berlin NOW trade fair. A lively and rewarding week with interesting programs is now behind, but the exhibition platform is still open until the end of May.

ITB Berlin NOW!

With this guest voucher you have an access to visit our stand: ITBNOW-ZRVCG3QS73DWXE7Z

– add a ticket to the cart and go to checkout

– validate your account via email

– creating your own profile is optional

Meet Us At ITB Berlin And SXSW Virtually

Digitally at the ITB Berlin NOW fair!

This year we will be exhibitors at the ITB Berlin NOW virtual fair in March. We will update the news about the program, so follow us closely!

Citynomadi will have a big team at the fair. On March 9th we will also participate in a panel discussion on the role of digital technology in tourism and its various uses. 

With a guest voucher you have an access to visit our stand. Please, ask for the voucher by email to nadja at

– add a ticket to the cart and go to checkout

– validate your account via email

– creating your own profile is optional

Read more from the ITB press release! 

Citynomadi goes to SXSW! 

In March, we will also be exhibitors at the South by Southwest virtual event, which is one of the largest trade fairs in the cultural industry. We will update more about this soon. Stay tuned! 

More info here!

Published Feb 25th 2021

Light power for the winter!

January 8th 2021

Find your own favorite one from the permanent light art of Oulu!

Visit the permanent lighting projects in the City of Oulu! There are works of art all over the city and the easiest and fastest way to find them is with Nomadi.

The routes are now available in English and in Finnish!

Download the Nomadi app from

Search #Permanent lighting projects

Art illuminates the city of Turku!

Light art works are delightful in and around the city center of Turku. Visible urban development has not been hidden either, but also the crane illuminates the landscape.

Read more about the artworks on and check their locations on Citynomadi’s web link!

Jyväskylä combines visual and culinary experience!

Tune up for your Jyväskylä Dinner with light route has been providing light, stories and a delicious dinner at the restaurant Harmooni for several years, led by the legendary harmonium master Aapeli Halonen. The stops along the Nomadi route have appetizing questions. How do you tune your dinner?

Download the Nomadi app from

Search #Harmonium

International success stories!

November 13th 2020

A quick flashback to last year’s WTM event!

Exactly a year ago, we were WTM finalists in the Best Digital Influencer category. This year the event was held online, but the atmosphere was still top notch.

We got to the finalist places in cooperation with the Iniö archipelago. They created a very successful marketing campaign as well as the archipelago map for Nomadi with local specialties.

Read more about last year’s event WTM2019 Finalists

Iniö’s success story continues!

With the digital archipelago map and WTM awareness, Iniö has aroused even more interest as a tourist destination. The area has always been popular with both domestic and foreign tourists, but with the informative and storytelling map, having noticed the area’s diverse services, visitors preferred to stay in the area for a longer period of time.

The map information about port locations and ferry timetables has increased also the sense of security. You no longer have to search for information in many different places, but everything can be found on the same platform.

Search #Inio

Beethoven has been celebrated with the fan route!

Nomadi app has been heavily used in Vienna this year. To celebrate Beethoven’s 250th anniversary, the local music museum Haus der Musik made a Nomadi map that takes you to the composer’s numerous residencies. The map also illustrates the city limits of the old Vienna, from the time Beethoven worked on his world-famous compositions.

The popularity of the map began to rise especially in the spring, when the museum itself, among many others, had to temporarily close its doors, as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Music lovers and Beethoven’s fans were still able to visit the composer’s home places with Nomadi at any time.

Search #Beethoven