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Autumn Coloured Videos!

HDW video


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Helsinki Desing Week starts 7th September!

Citynomadi participates in the annual Helsinki Design Week Festival with an awesome mobile game – Designers of 100-year-old Finland! The game is available during the whole week, so grab your mobile device and challenge your knowledge about Finnish history and design. Playing is completely free and open to everyone in Nomadi app.

We have a new watercolor map platform, that gives you an amazing feeling, like walking inside an artwork.

So, mark the date 7.–17.9 in your calendar, and download Nomadi from you app store!

The competition resolves on 17.9. after the playtime ends. Good luck!

Can you beat Willhelmina and Violetta in this game?

Designers of 100-year-old Finland game

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Indoor video

Indoor positioning is here!

You can implement indoor positioning in any great indoor space, like for example in hospitals, shopping malls and industrial plants. But what value does indoor positioning have, and how to utilize it?

Watch the video on YouTube and find out!

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Moomin video

Citynomadi proudly presents Moomin Museum mobile guide!

On the Moomin Museum’s gala event there was a large info screen revealed in the hall way of the Tampere hall. Along with some interesting facts about Tove Jansson’s life, there are information about Moomin Museum guidance app in 7 languages.

In the magical atmosphere of the Moomin Museum, mobile guiding makes your visit even better. If you don’t believe, check this video on YouTube!

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Over 11 000 visits of the Turku Tall Ship Race mobile map in one weekend!

There was a staggering amount of visits of the mobile map in Turku Tall Ship Race event in July! The event was held on 20th-23th July and that weekend alone gathered over 11 000 mobile map visits.

#TallShipsTurku #TallShipRace #Eventmap #Nomadi

VillageNomadi tells some gripping stories of villages!

At the moment VillageNomadi has six routes in different villages around Finland. With these routes you can find out how those villages have been built, grown and developed, who have been in charge of them and what are their sources of livelihood and strengths.


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