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100 years – 100 routes

What’s going on in Citynomadi in April 2017?

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Join us to celebrate the centenary of Finland! We have the project called 100 Years – 100 Routes. How to join?

Explore and Create your own route and Share it by tagging it with the year that describes you story best. We are looking for the new routes for every year, also abroad.

Have a look at our website: 100 Years – 100 Routes on citynomadi.com


Uusimaa Region in the southern Finland has the Finland 100 event map for every month.


Get aquanted to the Pilgrimage routes in Tampere area by visiting pilgrim.citynomadi.com. They are created by the Federation of Tampere Evangelist Lutheran Parishes and there will be altogether 20 of them by the end of this year. Take a FREE Nomadi app to guide you!

Have a look at the philosophy of the Pilgrimage routes on videos: Tampere – Pilgrimage routes around the area!


Have a look at the RAW BY NATURE white label app! Get yours on Google Play or App Store for FREE!

Get the FREE Nomadi app for your adventures on app.citynomadi.com


100 years, 100 routes – The Footsteps of Finland

Citynomadi’s ‘100 years, 100 routes – Paces of Finland’

will be part of the programme for the centenary of Finland’s independence in 2017.

We’ll build a story of the Finnishness for each year of the Finland’s independence, altogether 100 stories during 100 years.

For this reason we invite companies, associations, public sector, schools and individuals to join our project. It’s easy. Register to citynomadi.com and create your route with WebTuner or with a free Android Nomadi app’s Create route feature. Remember to name your route by a year of the story you’re telling.

Our aim is to create a route for each of the years between 1917 and 2017.

Our challenge’s got three categories:

1. Individuals to tell the history of your family

2. Schools, teachers and pupils to tell about the nearby of their schools

3. Company, association, public sector to tell about the history of area, town, company, biography, architecture, literature or arts of the surroundings.

Get introduced to the routes of the community of citynomadi.com and rethink your idea. While choosing the media, remember to respect the copyrights. You can also make gaming routes with interactivity. Email us about your route to nomadi@citynomadi.com and we’ll promote it!

Citynomadi Ltd is located in Tampere, Finland. The main product of ours is the Nomadi concept for tourism, education, green environment, smart cities, culture and arts. Have your for free Nomadi on app.citynomadi.com.

More about Finland 100 years on: suomifinland100.fi