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Maps for everyday utility – Maps for visitors – Maps for special events

Accurate maps are needed during the Finnish summer events!

The Helsinki summit confused the traffic for one day. The closed streets for hours, public transport route reductions, private cars strongly advised to leave at home.

Media gives out tips of the best places to spot the famous visitors Trump and Putin during their short stay in Helsinki.

The tourism marketing in Helsinki had a few days and a fortnight to arrange the marketing of our beautiful capital. Be prepared for the suprise suprise visitors, proximate 2000 influential extra people, most of them journalists, just for a few days’ time.

A similar kind of challenges are met in Pori, a small town by the west coast of Finland. During one week of July three big events take place: Pori Jazz festival, political event of SuomiAreena ja the Housing Fair.

Those who are the stars of the events and those who work for them have no problems in findind their ways in the new traffic circumstances. But the vistors, and inhabitants in the area. How do they manage?

Citynomadi partipates to the AVM-project of a consortium of companies (Autonomous Vehicle and Mobile Services) which is present in Pori at the Citizen Square of SuomiAreena event at the stand 72. We made a simple guide map for the superweek in Pori, just to remind of the few roles of location based data in the everyday life, but also in events. The print map, but also the pdf map is stubborn and old fashioned, or what do you think?


The event map of Pori in July 2018, download the Nomadi app for free, available on app.citynomadi.com!

Eventful, Actionful Autumn!

Our indoor positioning partner IndoorAtlas has published an article about our Moomin museum app, which guides the visitors right from the hallway to the museum attractions in two floors.

Read the whole article here!

We participated in the networking event AlihankintaHEAT, where we also created an indoor positioning map using the IndoorAtlas technology.

Read more from the ePressi article!

Geographic information magazine Positio has published a one page article about Citynomadi’s achievements, clients and products, but first of all, where are the most exiting places to visit and how to get there!

The printed version of the Positio magasine 3/2017 is already available, and the e-journal comes out soon!

Powerful speaks and interesting meetings at the Nordic Business Forum!


There was a very imposing feeling at the Nordic Business Forum, when over 7000 people from over 40 countries gathered together to listen speaks about work culture, money structure, climate changing, motivation and courage! Among many other speakers Severn Cullis-Suzuki aka “the girl who silenced the world for 5 minutes”, Sir Richard Branson, Nick Vujicic and Will Smith nailed it!

Of course, we had bunch of new, interesting contacts and tried some new local flavors such as home crickets, prepared by Jyrki Sukula and his team.


SchoolNomadi takes students out of the class room!

Citynomadi was running a SchoolNomadi demo in the event of the Moving School, Liikkuva koulu project in Kuopio!

The teachers are eager to learn more of the new digital means and methods!

Check out SchoolNomadi on citynomadi.com

The brand new cemetery route of Espoo!

The cemetery route of Espoo is a brand new mobile route, by which you get to know 35 interesting stories from the past: In the cemetery rest in peace several athletes, politicians and artists – people who have had their impact on the Finnish everyday life. With the stories of the mobile route, the place becomes like a living history book!

Check out the cemetery route here!

What is the most interesting story from your point of view?

#Espoo #Cemetery #Church #Mobileroute #History #App #Nomadi

Our projects in China!


Sino-Nordic workshop, organized by Pivot5 ja Comb+ in Beijing got its climax in the roadshow, when we had the pitching day for the Chinese investors and business partners! With

#Suomihealth, #1oT, #Idifa, #Zupersoft, #Musicinfo, #Flexound, #Beibamboo #Oviko #ArcticAir #Zadaa & our translator #Zikang.

We were also glad to be part of Kasvun Roihu Oy event in Shanghai, where the most promising growth companies of Finland met interesting growth partners of Shanghai!

#Shanghai, #KasvunRoihu

SchoolNomadi & 100 years, 100 routes

Citynomadi In Sweden – SETT 2016

Citynomadi’s SkolNomadi will be launched in SETT event in Stockholm on April 26th. Follow us on Facebook for details!

SETT 2016 in Stockholm

Meet us on Finnish education events!

We will be presenting the SchoolNomadi concept in two events: Interactive Technology in Education on April 14th and 15th and in Digital Learning Environments on April 20th and 21st.

Interactive Technology in Education

Digital Learning Environments

WellNomadi had a nice success in

wellbeing contest

The city of Tampere had a contest for the digital solutions and applications of health and wellbeing. Citynomadi’s concept was the fifth, and we’re proud of our nice success. Read more about WellNomadi concept.

WellNomadi concept

New features on WebTuner

Citynomadi’s WebTuner for our Premium and Community users has some new useful and handy features. One of them is a continuous route line. Draw it forwards, backwards, cut it and tie it back again. Watch our video and Do It Yourself! Register on WebTuner on Citynomadi community

WebTuner and You Tube videos

Do you like Formula Ones?

If you’re a fan of Formula One races, you must like our maps about the racing cities. We are going to have a Top 5 route of each of the racing city with some facts about the circuit and some unexpected sites nearby.

Bahrain Top 5

Melbourne Top 5

100 Years, 100 Routes – The Footsteps

of Finland

Citynomadi’s ‘100 years, 100 routes – Paces of Finland’ is part of the programme for the centenary of Finland’s independence in 2017.

We’ll build a story of the Finnishness for each year of the Finland’s independence, altogether 100 stories during 100 years.

For this reason we invite companies, associations, public sector, schools and individuals to join our project. It’s easy. Register to citynomadi.com and create your route with WebTuner or with a free Android Nomadi app’s Create route feature. Remember to name your route by a year of the story you’re telling.

Our aim is to create a route for each of the years between 1917 and 2017.

Our challenge’s got three categories:

  • Individuals to tell the history of your family
  • Schools, teachers and pupils to tell about the nearby of their schools
  • Company, association, public sector to tell about the history of area, town, company, biography, architecture, literature or arts of the surroundings.

Get introduced to the routes of the community of citynomadi.com and rethink your idea. While choosing the media, remember to respect the copyrights. You can also make gaming routes with interactivity. Email us about your route to nomadi@citynomadi.com and we’ll promote it!

Citynomadi Ltd is located in Tampere, Finland. The main product of ours is the Nomadi concept for tourism, education, green environment, smart cities, culture and arts. Have your for free Nomadi on app.citynomadi.com.

More about Finland 100 years on: suomifinland100.fi

Nomadi for Android, iOS and Windows Phone for FREE!

What was SLUSH all about for us? 

Slush was established in 2008 in Helsinki, Finland if I recall it right. It was a modest event in the beginning. Citynomadi participated with a demo stand on 2010 and 2011 – when the event seemed to have future and so called market demand – first time in the Cable Factor. The profile of the investors was very much Finnish like. Last year we had a demo stand on the second day and traffic was steady.

In 2015 – side events

Last week’s Slush was breaking its records over again. Some of the visitors reckoned that Slush will turn into an establishment, meaning that the fresh marginality and rebellious attitude will be gone.

I don’t know, but I doubt it. Slush evolves at the time. This year you could participate a number of side events all over Helsinki. Believe me, one of the wildest was the idea to invite the NGOs and public sector to meet the start ups. And not only the start ups, each other and investors. The NGO sector needs new ideas to put into the practice in a drive level of Slush. The world faces problems, individuals face problems and start ups want and need to face the user feedback. It’s a perfect match!


Not only for start ups, Slush is for the growth companies, this year even more explicitly. The start ups do well a good idea can be piloting with a small amount of money, with the government support. Then there’s the marketing and internationalising challenge. If there’s not enough marketing and selling competency many of good ideas will fall. And that’s not always the company’s fault. The founders may try, spend money and energy and still loose the grip. It’s the growing that’s painful.


The death toll of the new born companies even in Finland before reaching five years is about 50 %, so there’s a lot of waste of good ideas, energy and effort. Hopefully the investors would notice this gap and start to support the companies with a product but not enough turnover to survive the hard marketing struggle.

The investors tend to swarm around the trends, so they smell money in ideas or tend to pick up the companies with already steady cash flow.


For the students and new job seekers, there was a recruiting area for them. I like the spectre of perspectives.


The trend of today according to the demo booths seems to be the data analysing, sales and marketing analysing, user analysing, analysing in general. Two specific companies I’d pick up were Walkbase, that analyses the behaviour of visitors within a specific area and Enevo, that analyses the waste containers filling degree. Analyse and make the processes of the customer organization more efficient.

It was nice to notice the amount of foreign companies around together with the companies presenting so called old fashioned products such as card games, 3D wooden puzzles and cuddly toys with a light. Nothing to do with digitalising.

One success story for sure will the grasshopper growery concept in a sea container size. The target is to produce protein without a huge carbon footprint.

Slush 100

Slush 100 is the competition of the best pitch, a sales talk that makes people to buy your idea. Remember: ‘I would not buy a used car from him!’. Not like that.

Read more about Slush 100 on http://www.slush.org/slush-100/


The Slush has been remarked in everyday life at least in Finland, it had even inspired the skit makers of a popular TV show Putous (Fall down) last Saturday. As a part of the competition of the funny characters was the pitching competition. Among the ideas there were a mother-in-law app, a cougars’ lad trap, a virtual reality paper bag, a 30 day stadium concert with one performer, a movie of life and deeds of a 9 year old genius, a video game of Super Mario in 2015 …

And to be honest the true life’s start up ideas sometimes sound like skits last Saturday. But, you never know what will be the future.

Next year – see you!

I liked Slush, I enjoyed being there, I got to know a lot of new people, I talked with interesting persons, I created networks, I’ll attend next year.

Have a look at the photo report of ours on Pinterest. Do not worry about the quality of the photos, because it’s always dark in there, the photos are dark and despite the flash they’re dark.


By Merja 17.11.2015