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Midsummer Sun

Enjoy The 3D Maps With Nomadi App

We have launced the new versions of Nomadi for Android on Google Play and iOS on App Store.

What’s new? The apps operate with new maps, and you are able to use a 3D map view and fly like bird. As an example have a look at our Facebook profile and get a Nomadi of your own.

We also support the INDOOR location now! Take an advantage of the seamless location by Nomadi. Ask for more!


Summer Trip To Vantaa

Visit Vantaa created a new route to go around and visit THE attractions near the Helsinki-Vantaa airport! Here & Now in Vantaa, elsewhere search for Vantaa on Nomadi app.


Summer Trip To Lake Tuusula

Visit Tuusulanjärvi created a new route to go around the Lake Tuusula and visit THE attractions, like the home of Jean Sibelius near the Helsinki-Vantaa airport! Audios available in English soon. Listen to them while bicycling, a stream starts at the points of interest automatically. Here & Now in the area, elsewhere search for Lake Tuusula on Nomadi app.


UEFA 2016 Top 5 Cities In France

We made the Top 5 cities of UEFA 2016 game hosts in France. Get introduced to the key attractions and the stadiums. Here & Now in the cities, elsewhere search by the name of the town on Nomadi app.


100 Years, 100 Routes – The Footsteps

of Finland

Citynomadi’s ‘100 years, 100 routes – Paces of Finland’ is a part of the programme for the centenary of Finland’s independence in 2017.

We gather the routes connected to the theme during this autumn. If you have an idea, just contact us!

Nomadi for Android, iOS and Windows Phone for FREE on app.citynomadi.com!