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Where’s the Night Club?

According to the research, a human territory consists only of about 25 locations at the time. The research is not taking any notice for the distances between them. The number 25 is suprisingly little considering the human being’s curiousity and capability to move around.

The study is quite exhaustive: it was made with 40 000 individuals participating to the study. They carried a GPS device which tracked their movements. People tend to visit the same places over and over again. That’s why the locals’ are so popular, people are loyal to places.

I started to wonder, what are my top 25 locations. Here you are, they are not in any order, these just occured to me.

  • home – daily
  • office – workdays
  • a shop one have to walk through in order to pick an elevator to our office – 1 – 5 times a week
  • shopping mall of my neighboroughhood – weekly
  • my mother in law’s place – weekly
  • my French lesson’s place – weekly
  • Helsinki-Vantaa airport – twice a month
  • railway station of Tampere – 1 – 5 times a month
  • Helsinki railway station – 1 – 5 times a month
  • Finlayson area in Tampere, two or three places there – once a month
  • my hairdresser’s place – once a month
  • Tampere Hall – Moomin Museum is our client and the concert hall is frequently visited – twice a month
  • nearby forest for jogging – 1- 5 times a week
  • a shop on my way back home from work – 1- 3 times a week
  • a bus stop – 1- 5 times a week
  • another bus stop – 1- 5 times a week
  • the third bus stop – 1- 5 times a week
  • the fourth bus stop – 1- 5 times a week
  • the fifth bus stop – 1- 5 times a week
  • my spouce’s workplace – 1 – 3 times a week
  • swimming hall and gym – on a monthly basis
  • another gym – on a monthly basis
  • cafe Pella’s in Tampere – on a monthly basis
  • restaurant Kattila in Tampere – once in 2018, 5 – 10 times 2017
  • my secret free car park in Tampere – 1 – 5 a week
  • market place – once a month during the summertime
  • a cellar for the home made jams – every other month
  • just to gather the 28th, the daily bike route to office, if the routes count – weekly during the summertime

The most amazing thing is, that when a new locations climbs up to the top 25 list, the older locations automatically drop off. You can easily test this on holiday or during the business trip. While staying in another city, you easily make new routines, the hotel is obviously a base camp, the nearest metro is soon located, the nicest cafe found – for a week.

Actually the time span is more and more interesting, do people have a similar way of loyalty, or are some individuals quicker to find new places?

My list has dropped off the library, and another, which I used to visit weekly if not daily, a cafe Lasipalatsi where I used to have a latte and croissant when arriving early to Helsinki, Library 10 in Helsinki, where I used to wait for the train back home, the important places for my family members and so on.

Read more on the Article on Nature Human Behavior

Citynomadi’s ‘Game this way’

Game on and have a good time with your friends: compete of knowledge in towns or areas on map in a real life!


Citynomadi has released a totally new kind of gaming feature for mobile environment. We have a mobile game to play on the streets of any town or in the nature environment, asking the questions .


The gaming takes place wherever Citynomadi’s gaming routes have been made. You’ve got to be in the locations to start, because main idea is that GPS recognizes the location of the player. Points of Interests with questions are shown after the player has answered the previous questions.


After answered the question, or completed the task given the player can proceed to the next Point of Interest with the next task to complete.


The route can be a straight forward but it can be build to split to different directions according to the answers as a network.


By the end of of the game tour the player gets the results and can share them on Citynomadi’s web site or social media.


The very first gaming route is situated in Kuopio, Finland, by the Art Museum of Kuopio, mainly by Ms Marja Louni, who is  the intendant of Kuopio Art Museum and mainly responsible for the content of the ‘Statue Game of Kuopio’ and Mr Petteri Tikkanen, who is the comic artist and mainly responsible for the graphics.


Our first Gaming route is 5,5 km long having 15 Points of Interests and will be followed by another of memorial plates on the house walls. Both will be multilingual and the language versions will be added shortly. Both Citynomadi and Art Museum of Kuopio are more than happy to get feedback.


But for you who won’t be able to travel to Kuopio, Finland in this November to try out our first Game this Way route there are demos to try gaming anywhere. The demos are situated in London and Berlin at the moment, but you are able to game them anywhere…


How to play the demo Game this Way routes in Berlin or London on Android Nomadi?


1. Have a wlan or mobile data connection on your smart phone

2. Enter Google Play

3. Choose applications

4. Find Nomadi

5. Choose download / install

6. Press ok, until Nomadi has been installed


7. Open Nomadi

8. Search for London or Berlin

9. Open London game or Berlin game

10. Game on


Game demos have three points of interests and in the end the result of the game will be shown as stars to be sent on Citynomadi’s score board and to be shared on social media. The score board will be launched soon.


iOS (iPhone and iPad) gaming will be possible in November. WIndows Phone 8 version with gaming feature will be launched according to the market share of the gadgets.


More gaming demos will be available in various European cities in near future.


Also more features embedded to Game this Way will be announced along with the version refresh of Android Nomadi. E.g. coming in next version: not to loose the already played part of the game if application would stop randomly during the cafe break. So we’ll make it more comfortable to you, Android users!


We will launch our game development strategy during SLUSH 2013 festival in Helsinki on 13rd and 14th November.


Citynomadi in LABRARY

Ciynomadi has had a nice opportunity to be present for the library goers’ in Finnish Metropolitan libraries during this year. The LABRARY has an idea to show the possibilities of the everyday of tomorrow, the technological solutions and also the ideas that do not need advanced technology. 

LABRARY – test ideas, borrow thoughts 

Citynomadi offers the web site to look for the routes all around the world on the map search in north west corner of our web site. See the advanced search that combines the name of the site and the coordinates by geolocation open source service.

Citynomadi web site 


The user of LABRARY has had an opportunity to leave notes and comments about the inventions available. It’s been nice to notice that at least some of the visitors have given their opinion. When we’ll have a bit more of them, we’ll analyze them and publish our plans to meet them in technological sense.

Meanwhile, visit libraries, when in LABRARY, take time to get familiar to the new inventions and …

Contact Citynomadi at any time!