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Eventful, Actionful Autumn!

Our indoor positioning partner IndoorAtlas has published an article about our Moomin museum app, which guides the visitors right from the hallway to the museum attractions in two floors.

Read the whole article here!

We participated in the networking event AlihankintaHEAT, where we also created an indoor positioning map using the IndoorAtlas technology.

Read more from the ePressi article!

Geographic information magazine Positio has published a one page article about Citynomadi’s achievements, clients and products, but first of all, where are the most exiting places to visit and how to get there!

The printed version of the Positio magasine 3/2017 is already available, and the e-journal comes out soon!

Powerful speaks and interesting meetings at the Nordic Business Forum!


There was a very imposing feeling at the Nordic Business Forum, when over 7000 people from over 40 countries gathered together to listen speaks about work culture, money structure, climate changing, motivation and courage! Among many other speakers Severn Cullis-Suzuki aka “the girl who silenced the world for 5 minutes”, Sir Richard Branson, Nick Vujicic and Will Smith nailed it!

Of course, we had bunch of new, interesting contacts and tried some new local flavors such as home crickets, prepared by Jyrki Sukula and his team.


SchoolNomadi takes students out of the class room!

Citynomadi was running a SchoolNomadi demo in the event of the Moving School, Liikkuva koulu project in Kuopio!

The teachers are eager to learn more of the new digital means and methods!

Check out SchoolNomadi on citynomadi.com

The brand new cemetery route of Espoo!

The cemetery route of Espoo is a brand new mobile route, by which you get to know 35 interesting stories from the past: In the cemetery rest in peace several athletes, politicians and artists – people who have had their impact on the Finnish everyday life. With the stories of the mobile route, the place becomes like a living history book!

Check out the cemetery route here!

What is the most interesting story from your point of view?

#Espoo #Cemetery #Church #Mobileroute #History #App #Nomadi

Our projects in China!


Sino-Nordic workshop, organized by Pivot5 ja Comb+ in Beijing got its climax in the roadshow, when we had the pitching day for the Chinese investors and business partners! With

#Suomihealth, #1oT, #Idifa, #Zupersoft, #Musicinfo, #Flexound, #Beibamboo #Oviko #ArcticAir #Zadaa & our translator #Zikang.

We were also glad to be part of Kasvun Roihu Oy event in Shanghai, where the most promising growth companies of Finland met interesting growth partners of Shanghai!

#Shanghai, #KasvunRoihu

Pokémon Go, Go! No 13

The Finnish Science Center Heureka had a successful Pokémon Go day last Saturday. Over 2000 players of different ages took part of the happening and chased Pokémons in the Heureka surroundings.

The theme of the event was to understand the phenomenon through gaming research by two leading researchers Frans Mäyrä from the University of Tampere and Johannes Koski from the University of Turku.

They explained the gaming experience and success of Pokémon Go and predicted, that this is just the start to location based gaming, gaming after the map information and gaming attached to the AR features.

Heureka Pokémon Go day Sat Sept 10th 2016

Pokémon Go, Go! No 10

To be after the Pokémons will be exhaustive, because the hard core & smart ass people of gaming noticed there are Pokémons that only live by nights. You really have to concentrate!

Have a full charged battery on mobile, supportive batteries in your pockets, or know the places, where to recharge. In Finland at least some churches announced having recharge stops and Tampere Hall gave out a newsletter about this lately.

Then, you have to have a day nap in order to recharge your brain energy to chase the Pokémon night growlers. Just like we humans, Pokémons seem to have characters!



Pokémon Go, Go! No 9

Did you realise that Pokémon Go makes you aware of your surroundings, clever, witty, streetwise and talkative?

It took over a month for a journalist to write about the cultural capital Pokémon Go is offering to its players. It is so simple but so obvious, the Pokéstops are landmarks of the area, often hidden and often unknown for the passers by.

As an inhabitant in this town I seldom go to museums or art exhibition, sorry about that, and I hardly know the memory plaques if somebody asks me to name one.

Thanks to Pokémon Go, the youngsters will be more street wise of their own city, by stopping at the Pokéstops they can’t avoid knowing the history of their neighbourhood.





Midsummer Sun

Enjoy The 3D Maps With Nomadi App

We have launced the new versions of Nomadi for Android on Google Play and iOS on App Store.

What’s new? The apps operate with new maps, and you are able to use a 3D map view and fly like bird. As an example have a look at our Facebook profile and get a Nomadi of your own.

We also support the INDOOR location now! Take an advantage of the seamless location by Nomadi. Ask for more!


Summer Trip To Vantaa

Visit Vantaa created a new route to go around and visit THE attractions near the Helsinki-Vantaa airport! Here & Now in Vantaa, elsewhere search for Vantaa on Nomadi app.


Summer Trip To Lake Tuusula

Visit Tuusulanjärvi created a new route to go around the Lake Tuusula and visit THE attractions, like the home of Jean Sibelius near the Helsinki-Vantaa airport! Audios available in English soon. Listen to them while bicycling, a stream starts at the points of interest automatically. Here & Now in the area, elsewhere search for Lake Tuusula on Nomadi app.


UEFA 2016 Top 5 Cities In France

We made the Top 5 cities of UEFA 2016 game hosts in France. Get introduced to the key attractions and the stadiums. Here & Now in the cities, elsewhere search by the name of the town on Nomadi app.


100 Years, 100 Routes – The Footsteps

of Finland

Citynomadi’s ‘100 years, 100 routes – Paces of Finland’ is a part of the programme for the centenary of Finland’s independence in 2017.

We gather the routes connected to the theme during this autumn. If you have an idea, just contact us!

Nomadi for Android, iOS and Windows Phone for FREE on app.citynomadi.com!

SchoolNomadi & 100 years, 100 routes

Citynomadi In Sweden – SETT 2016

Citynomadi’s SkolNomadi will be launched in SETT event in Stockholm on April 26th. Follow us on Facebook for details!

SETT 2016 in Stockholm

Meet us on Finnish education events!

We will be presenting the SchoolNomadi concept in two events: Interactive Technology in Education on April 14th and 15th and in Digital Learning Environments on April 20th and 21st.

Interactive Technology in Education

Digital Learning Environments

WellNomadi had a nice success in

wellbeing contest

The city of Tampere had a contest for the digital solutions and applications of health and wellbeing. Citynomadi’s concept was the fifth, and we’re proud of our nice success. Read more about WellNomadi concept.

WellNomadi concept

New features on WebTuner

Citynomadi’s WebTuner for our Premium and Community users has some new useful and handy features. One of them is a continuous route line. Draw it forwards, backwards, cut it and tie it back again. Watch our video and Do It Yourself! Register on WebTuner on Citynomadi community

WebTuner and You Tube videos

Do you like Formula Ones?

If you’re a fan of Formula One races, you must like our maps about the racing cities. We are going to have a Top 5 route of each of the racing city with some facts about the circuit and some unexpected sites nearby.

Bahrain Top 5

Melbourne Top 5

100 Years, 100 Routes – The Footsteps

of Finland

Citynomadi’s ‘100 years, 100 routes – Paces of Finland’ is part of the programme for the centenary of Finland’s independence in 2017.

We’ll build a story of the Finnishness for each year of the Finland’s independence, altogether 100 stories during 100 years.

For this reason we invite companies, associations, public sector, schools and individuals to join our project. It’s easy. Register to citynomadi.com and create your route with WebTuner or with a free Android Nomadi app’s Create route feature. Remember to name your route by a year of the story you’re telling.

Our aim is to create a route for each of the years between 1917 and 2017.

Our challenge’s got three categories:

  • Individuals to tell the history of your family
  • Schools, teachers and pupils to tell about the nearby of their schools
  • Company, association, public sector to tell about the history of area, town, company, biography, architecture, literature or arts of the surroundings.

Get introduced to the routes of the community of citynomadi.com and rethink your idea. While choosing the media, remember to respect the copyrights. You can also make gaming routes with interactivity. Email us about your route to nomadi@citynomadi.com and we’ll promote it!

Citynomadi Ltd is located in Tampere, Finland. The main product of ours is the Nomadi concept for tourism, education, green environment, smart cities, culture and arts. Have your for free Nomadi on app.citynomadi.com.

More about Finland 100 years on: suomifinland100.fi

Nomadi for Android, iOS and Windows Phone for FREE!

KouluNomadi ja Suomi 100 vuotta

SkolNomadi julkaistaan SETT 2016

Citynomadin KouluNomadi valloittaa myös Ruotsin tänä keväänä. SkolNomadi julkaistaan SETT 2016 -tapahtumassa 26.4.2016. Seuraa Facebookia!


Tule juttelemaan ITK:ssa Aulangolla


Olemme mukana SanomaPron kanssa Hämeenlinnan Aulangolla ITK-tapahtumassa 14.-15.4. Tule juttelemaan ja tutustumaan KouluNomadiimme.

Myös Tieran Edustore esittelee KouluNomadia ITK-tapahtumassa.

ITK 2016 Hämeenlinnan Aulangolla

Digitaaliset oppimisympäristöt

Digitaaliset oppimisympäristöt Jyväskylässä 20.-21.4. on opettajille ja tutkijoille suunnattu kansainvälinen tapahtuma. KouluNomadi on mukana, nähdään!

Digitaaliset oppimisympäristöt

WellNomadi menestyi Tampereella

Tampereen kaupunki järjesti kilpailun digitaalisista hyvinvointiratkaisuista ja Citynomadin konsepti Voimakävely tuli viidenneksi! Toivottavasti tamperelaiset pääsevät pian kohentamaan kuntoaan pelikävelymme avulla.

Tuomariston päätös

WebTuunarissa uusia ominaisuuksia

Teemme Premium ja Community -käyttäjillemme WebTuunarin käytön yhä helpommaksi lyhyiden informatiivisten videoiden kautta. Käy katsomassa, kuinka reittiviivaa voi piirtää eestaas, katkaista se välillä ja solmia se jälleen yhteen.

WebTuner ja You Tube -videot

Seuraatko formuloita?

Mikäli seuraat formulakisoja, käyhän tutustumassa kisan paikkakuntaan Citynomadin kartoilla! Kisapaikasta on Top 5 -reitti, jossa yksi kohde on tietysti itseoikeutetusti Formularata ja muut kiinnostavia ja yllättäviäkin paikkoja lähialueella!

Melbourne Top 5

Bahrain Top 5

Sata vuotta, sata reittiä – Tule mukaan!

Citynomadi Oy on osa Suomen itsenäisyyden satavuotisjuhlavuoden ohjelmaa vuonna 2017.

Sadan vuoden aikana on Suomessa ja suomalaisille tapahtunut paljon. Keräämme Suomi 100 -ohjelmassa vuonna 2017 maamme taipaleelta 100 tarinaa, jotka kerrotaan kartalla. Tarina suomalaisuudesta itsenäisyyden jokaiselle vuodelle.

Kutsumme yrityksiä, yhdistyksiä, yhteisöjä, julkisia toimijoita, kouluja ja yksityisiä ihmisiä mukaan toteuttamaan Suomen tarinoita. Mukaan tuleminen on helppoa. Kerro meille ideasi ja toteuta Suomea kuvaava reittisi rekisteröitymällä citynomadi.com-yhteisöön ja ottamalla käyttöösi WebTuunari. Muista kirjoittaa reittisi nimeen vuosiluku, jota erityisesti kuvailet.

Tavoitteenamme on toteuttaa yhdessä reitti jokaiselle vuodelle 1917 – 2017. Haasteessamme on kolme sarjaa:

  • yksityisten ihmisten sarja, jossa voit kertoa sukusi tai perheesi historian
  • koulujen sarja, jossa opettajat ja oppilaat kertovat koulunsa lähiympäristöstä valitsemansa näkökulman mukaisesti
  • yritys-, yhdistys- ja julkisen sektorin sarja, jossa mukaan voi tulla kaupungin kehitykseen liittyvällä tarinalla, henkilökuvalla, yrityshistoriikillä, arkkitehtuuriin, historiaan, kirjallisuuteen tai taiteisiin liittyvällä reitillä.

Tutustu citynomadi.com-yhteisön reitteihin ja kehitä omaa ideaasi. Päätä reittisi ja sillä sijaitsevat kohteet. Valmistele materiaali: tekstit ja valokuvat. Jos haluat, niin laita reitille audioita ja videoita. Muista tekijänoikeudet. Voit myös tehdä pelillisiä reittejä, joissa on kysymyksiä ja tehtäviä.

Piirrä reitti joko citynomadi.comin WebTuunarilla tai kävele se läpi Android Nomadilla, jonka saat maksutta Google Playstä.

Lisää kohteet ja sisältö, sen jälkeen julkaise reitti. Se on näkyvissä citynomadi.com-yhteisössä, Nomadi-sovelluksissa ja voit myös yhdistää sen omille verkkosivuillesi. Muista mainita reitin nimessä vuosiluku, johon reittisi viittaa. Näin olet mukana Suomi 100 vuotta –ohjelmassa.

Ilmoita reitistäsi osoitteeseen nomadi@citynomadi.com

Citynomadi Oy on tamperelainen yritys, joka kehittää Nomadi-konseptia mm. matkailun, koulutuksen, ympäristötiedon kuin kulttuurin sisältöjen julkaisuun. Nomadi-sovelluksen voi hakea maksutta osoitteella app.citynomadi.com

Lisätietoja Suomi 100 vuotta ohjelmasta: suomifinland100.fi

Nomadi on saatavilla maksutta Google Playssä, App Storessa ja WIndows Storessa. Hae omasi heti!

Merry Christmas & Seasonal Greeting

Juupajoki eLearning game route

How to visualise a precious landscape? By painting it, photographing it, by walking through it …

Maybe creating a mobile gaming route, just like the students of the 8th grade of Juupajoki grammar school have done.

They created five learning points of interest in different school subject. The target is combine fun, learning and outdoor activities.

The learning game is GPS sensitive, and each of the tasks will be opened while entering the task by foot. The landscape area has been prioritised as one of the most valued in Finnish nature.

The game concept is one of Citynomadi’s and it can be played on a free Nomadi app. Download Nomadi on your application store by app.citynomadi.com.

This is a mutual project of Juupajoki grammar school, ProAgria Southern Finland, Rural Women’s Advisory Organisation and Citynomadi.

In order to get to know the landscape area, have a look at the info route without tasks on web:

Juupajoki landscape area

Read about the newspaper articles on our Pinterest profile!

Jean Sibelius 150 Anniversary Route

On December 8th we celebrate the 150th anniversary of Jean Sibelius and Finnish music by getting acquainted to Jean’s birth town Hämeenlinna by following the path up to the Aulanko hill. Nature was where got his inspiration! Have a taster of his music on the videos of the route!

Take a short link on web: bit.ly/NomadiHlinna or download the Nomadi app onapp.citynomadi.com and search for Sibelius.

Videos are produced by the city of Hämeenlinna.

Documentary Films Visualize Helsinki!

Take a walk in the heart of Helsinki and visit the Senate Square and it’s proximity. It’s been a historic milieu for many films, particularly as a Russian milieu during the cold war for the Hollywood productions.
Download the free Nomadi app and take DOCFILM. Remember to save the route on your mobile too by choosing i as info, then there’s no worries of data transfer or roaming.

DOCFILM is made by the National Audiovisual Institute.

DOCFILM Helsinki

Advent Calendars

Visit the advent calendar of Kouvola, in the Southeast of Finland

Visit the advent calendar of Porvoo, in the Southern coast of Finland

Visit the advent calendar of Helsinki Church

Updated Versions of Nomadi App!

All Nomadi apps will be updated before the end of this year. The new Android Nomadi is already available in Google Play and iOS will be published within a week. We still keep on versioning Windows 8 Phone app due to the audience request.

What will be the new features? The main new feature is the audio play between two points of interests. This is ideal for people who are used to listen to music or audiobooks. If you want to tell stories to your audience, why not to make audios in various of languages and run them in the exact places of occasion.

We also support six languages in Nomadi interface!

In order to get the latest version, take app.citynomadi.com – it will lead you straight to the Nomadi app on your own application store.

TiiraNomadi has been updated!

TiiraNomadi, the app for bird watchers in Finland has been updated. Remember there have been over 20 000 bird observations in Tiira.fi of Birdlife Finland made by TiiraNomadi.

Download the global, free demo of TiiraNomadi

We Participated

We participated a few events during the autumn. Read about the experiences in Slush 2015 on our blog. We gave a presentation in the Location Based Data Fair by the National Land Survey of Finland. Last week we had a booth in Games for Health in Turku.

Read about the events on our Facebook profile.

Follow us in social media – there will be a lot of new releases next year!

Gaming Videos – Newsletter October 2015

Gaming Videos

Watch the gaming videos of ours of Kuopio game!

Kuopio Scuplture Quiz Video

Learning Games Event

Citynomadi as a member of the Serious Gaming Cluster of Finland participated the Learning Games 2015 at the University of Helsinki.

Thank you for the feedback, visitors, especially teachers!

Serious Gaming Cluster

Photos of the event on Citynomadi’s Pinterest profile.

Learning Material For The Landscape Area

Together with the organisation of Pro Agria which is a Finnish rural expertise network and the ground school of Juupajoki we’ll produce a gaming route in one of the valuable landscape areas in Finland.

The gaming route will be both a learning material for pupils and a guide for the tourists and it will be released during this Autumn.

MobiRanger To Lapland!

Two National Parks in Lapland at the same app! Take the information, Lappish stories and videos with you to a nature trip. We’ve done the MobiRanger together with Finnish Forest (Metsähallitus).

Urho Kekkonen National Park’s divided into five sections with seven entries to the park. You’ll be able to find the resting places and Sami people cultural heritage locations on the map. There are a lot of information about the primeval park area.

More information in Lapland at the Visitor Centers of Pyhä-Luosto, Tankavaara and Saariselkä.

Take a sneak preview to the local information via our Facebook postings.

Download MobiRanger app here:

For Android users, download on Google Play

For iOS (iPhone and iPad) users, download on App Store

For Windows 8 Phone, download on Windows Store

VisitKouvola & Industry Routes

Get introduced to the industrial history by the River Kymi. Take the key word of Kouvola onour community.

Our New Web Site

Our new website has been launched. They now more informative, scale to any mobile devices from mobile phones to laptops and wide screens.

You’ll be able to figure out the wide variety of maps and their content together with carefully focused products to industry sectors such as culture, education, tourism and environment.

Citynomadi’s web site

Need Anti Stress? – Try out Web Tuner!

Web Tuner has been launched! Create your account and try it out on our community. Web Tuner is funny, easy-to-use and useful tool for publishing your own routes to your friends or to anyone.

If you’re after antistress activities, Web Tuner is for you! Create the paths of your own, share and publish them on our community.

Documentary Videos On Streets!

In accordance to this autumn’s theme of the National Audiovisual Institute In Finland we’ll present a walk of the old documentaries in Helsinki.

Enjoy the clips of documentary movies on your mobile by clicking


Then download a FREE Nomadi app and search for DOCFILM! Dive into the past!

Stay Tuned! All Nomadi apps will be updated during this Autumn!