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Message To the Outer World By GPS Tracks

Play with GPS and create funny figures on ground and your message will reach the outer world. But also it can be followed as a route!

A Briton called Andy Pardy made it political. He had a parcours of thousands of kilometres around Europe. If you do not live in Mars, and you are courious to know how the letters were compiled, the web publication Think Big has the detailed information about this.

Read more in detail and see how the letters were formed on Big Think

The reindeer city plan of Rovaniemi, Lapland in Finland is a playful way of creating an interesting route for the tourists before they go and greet Santa Clause at the Artic Circle.

The Reindeer Statue in front of Rovaniemi City Library. Read more about it on Nomadi app.

The city plan of Rovaniemi samples the head of a reindeer, and if you watch carefully, many of the newly build skiing resorts in the Finnish Lapland have the ones of reindeer antler.

The figures by the GPS are often rough, but when you see them as symbols, it really does not matter.


To Save Santa’s Best Friends

We have had a project in Finnish Lapland called Village Stories, in which we produced an app with several routes in six villages aroud the Eastern Lappish areas. It was launched in January this year and gives you a nice overview of the life in Lapland. Download the app and watch the videos! Also, please rate the app!

Village Stories by Citynomadi on Google Play

Village Stories by Citynomadi on App Store

The villagers will update the content for the app and therefore me and Nadja took a tour for Rovaniemi, Kemijärvi, Pelkosenniemi and Sodankylä to give training for them. We rented a car in Oulu and drove 1000 kilometres in two days.

While driving in Lapland you need to be prepared for the reindeers, they tend to  conquer the road. No hurry, take you time. Sometimes they are for a serious danger for the traffic. Here comes an app called ‘Porokello‘, Reindeer alarm by the local government of Finnish Lapland.

This is a neat example of utilising location based data and crowdsourcing in real time. You have a map with recent observations and you can give out yours, if you happen to spot the reindeers. We did.

We tried to notify, but the app approves only the observations of the pros: truck, bus and taxi drivers at this point. Maybe in the future also the ones of amateur drivers, because the app is very useful for all drivers in Lapland.


A reindeer on the road from Sodankylä to Rovaniemi. Photo from our car’s side window.. 


Sauna after a long day on the road, in a summer hut between Kemijärvi and Pelkosenniemi.   It is so bright because the sun never goes down around Midsummer in Lapland.

by Merja July 8, 2018


On tylsiä ja mielenkiintoisia karttoja, on hyödyllisiä karttoja. Maantieteellinen informaatio on paljon muutakin kuin tiestö, vesistö ja rautatieverkosto. Teemakartoissa nostetaan esille ilmiöitä suhteessa maantieteelliseen sijaintiin.

Löysimme karttamaailmaan uuden kaunistuksen. Stamen Design on toteuttanut Creative Commons -pohjaisen vesiväritetyn kartan, joka kattaa koko maailman. Mainiota katsella Suomea ja Tamperetta vesiväritetyssä muodossa. Silti kartta on havainnollinen ja ymmärrettävä. Väritys ja yksityiskohtien esittäminen on onnistunut loistavasti.


Vesiväritettyä karttaa on mahdollista katsella Nomadi-sovelluksen kautta, ja kartta on valittavissa minkä tahansa reittimme pohjalle. Reiteillämme on yksi oletuskartta, mutta sille on aina vaihtoehtoja, nyt vesivärikartta lisää. Voit vaihtaa reitille asetettuja vaihtoehtoja Nomadi-sovelluksen lounaiskulman ikonista. Ja lisää karttoja voit saada käytöösi ottamalla meihin yhteyttä.


Esimerkkinä näytämme Helsinki Design Weekille tekemämme mobiilipelikartan ja Venetsian huippupaikat. Huomaathan spotty-paikantimen Helsingin kartalla. Se leijuu Tampereen yllä, täällä blogia kirjoitellaan parhaillaan.

Hae maksuton Nomadi osoitteesta app.citynomadi.com ja ihaile vesivärikarttojen kauneutta.

Mobile Apps May Save Nerves Of Moving People During The Tube Strike 

London has a 24 h tube strike on Wed and Thu this week. If you’re a tourist it’s not so important, only annoying, but if you’re a Londorneer, and your smooth everyday life is in danger, you might seek for relief.

First time ever I came across a news title like this on Guardian web site ‘Five key apps to help you get around London during the tube strike’. The newspaper had picked up the following five apps, all available for free. We have entered to a new era, apps are recommended to make your life easier during the challenging circumstances.

Citymapper seems to be a handy Real Time Transit app with timetables and lines together with maps. Quite a few cities are covered, so it seems to be a good companion. Information is based on open data, and the description doesn’t mention offline usage.

And of course Google maps, who wouldn’t dare to pass it. Google maps is Google maps, it’s a pure map and navigation application, and nothing to say more about it.

For the ‘Boris bikes’ user the Santander cycles is a good choice, it’s the bike company’s official app with the code releasing the right to use the bike. Didn’t get the best rates of the Android users, probably gives out the hiring places of bikes but lacks some more information, etc. cyclists are very sensitive about the bike lines and the route conditions.

Hailo is one of the taxi applications that allows you to tap your location on a map and wait for the taxi to arrive. While using the taxi apps, you’ve got to know which is the official app in each city, that’s a benefit for Uber. It’s nice that the taxi apps are serving people more and more.

London Live Bus Countdown is telling you the nearest bus lines, their accuracy and much more. Sounds countable and useful. I will try this at least, when in London.

So, what’s Nomadi’s role during the Tube strike that strikes? Well, if you can, take it easy and enjoy some of the most charming walks along the streets of London: download a FREE Nomadi by writing app.citynomadi.com on your mobile, choose Here and now and let go! I would recommend Live East, Die Young – movie routes!