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Autumn Coloured Videos!

HDW video


Watch on YouTube

Helsinki Desing Week starts 7th September!

Citynomadi participates in the annual Helsinki Design Week Festival with an awesome mobile game – Designers of 100-year-old Finland! The game is available during the whole week, so grab your mobile device and challenge your knowledge about Finnish history and design. Playing is completely free and open to everyone in Nomadi app.

We have a new watercolor map platform, that gives you an amazing feeling, like walking inside an artwork.

So, mark the date 7.–17.9 in your calendar, and download Nomadi from you app store!

The competition resolves on 17.9. after the playtime ends. Good luck!

Can you beat Willhelmina and Violetta in this game?

Designers of 100-year-old Finland game

#HDW2017 #Finland100 #design

Indoor video

Indoor positioning is here!

You can implement indoor positioning in any great indoor space, like for example in hospitals, shopping malls and industrial plants. But what value does indoor positioning have, and how to utilize it?

Watch the video on YouTube and find out!

#Indoorpositioning #IndoorAtlas #Nomadi

Moomin video

Citynomadi proudly presents Moomin Museum mobile guide!

On the Moomin Museum’s gala event there was a large info screen revealed in the hall way of the Tampere hall. Along with some interesting facts about Tove Jansson’s life, there are information about Moomin Museum guidance app in 7 languages.

In the magical atmosphere of the Moomin Museum, mobile guiding makes your visit even better. If you don’t believe, check this video on YouTube!

#Moominmuseum #Moomin #mobileguide #Tampere #Nomadi #Мумитролль #ムーミン #Mumin

Over 11 000 visits of the Turku Tall Ship Race mobile map in one weekend!

There was a staggering amount of visits of the mobile map in Turku Tall Ship Race event in July! The event was held on 20th-23th July and that weekend alone gathered over 11 000 mobile map visits.

#TallShipsTurku #TallShipRace #Eventmap #Nomadi

VillageNomadi tells some gripping stories of villages!

At the moment VillageNomadi has six routes in different villages around Finland. With these routes you can find out how those villages have been built, grown and developed, who have been in charge of them and what are their sources of livelihood and strengths.


#VillageNomadi #Nomadi


SchoolNomadi & 100 years, 100 routes

Citynomadi In Sweden – SETT 2016

Citynomadi’s SkolNomadi will be launched in SETT event in Stockholm on April 26th. Follow us on Facebook for details!

SETT 2016 in Stockholm

Meet us on Finnish education events!

We will be presenting the SchoolNomadi concept in two events: Interactive Technology in Education on April 14th and 15th and in Digital Learning Environments on April 20th and 21st.

Interactive Technology in Education

Digital Learning Environments

WellNomadi had a nice success in

wellbeing contest

The city of Tampere had a contest for the digital solutions and applications of health and wellbeing. Citynomadi’s concept was the fifth, and we’re proud of our nice success. Read more about WellNomadi concept.

WellNomadi concept

New features on WebTuner

Citynomadi’s WebTuner for our Premium and Community users has some new useful and handy features. One of them is a continuous route line. Draw it forwards, backwards, cut it and tie it back again. Watch our video and Do It Yourself! Register on WebTuner on Citynomadi community

WebTuner and You Tube videos

Do you like Formula Ones?

If you’re a fan of Formula One races, you must like our maps about the racing cities. We are going to have a Top 5 route of each of the racing city with some facts about the circuit and some unexpected sites nearby.

Bahrain Top 5

Melbourne Top 5

100 Years, 100 Routes – The Footsteps

of Finland

Citynomadi’s ‘100 years, 100 routes – Paces of Finland’ is part of the programme for the centenary of Finland’s independence in 2017.

We’ll build a story of the Finnishness for each year of the Finland’s independence, altogether 100 stories during 100 years.

For this reason we invite companies, associations, public sector, schools and individuals to join our project. It’s easy. Register to citynomadi.com and create your route with WebTuner or with a free Android Nomadi app’s Create route feature. Remember to name your route by a year of the story you’re telling.

Our aim is to create a route for each of the years between 1917 and 2017.

Our challenge’s got three categories:

  • Individuals to tell the history of your family
  • Schools, teachers and pupils to tell about the nearby of their schools
  • Company, association, public sector to tell about the history of area, town, company, biography, architecture, literature or arts of the surroundings.

Get introduced to the routes of the community of citynomadi.com and rethink your idea. While choosing the media, remember to respect the copyrights. You can also make gaming routes with interactivity. Email us about your route to nomadi@citynomadi.com and we’ll promote it!

Citynomadi Ltd is located in Tampere, Finland. The main product of ours is the Nomadi concept for tourism, education, green environment, smart cities, culture and arts. Have your for free Nomadi on app.citynomadi.com.

More about Finland 100 years on: suomifinland100.fi

Nomadi for Android, iOS and Windows Phone for FREE!

Merry Christmas & Seasonal Greeting

Juupajoki eLearning game route

How to visualise a precious landscape? By painting it, photographing it, by walking through it …

Maybe creating a mobile gaming route, just like the students of the 8th grade of Juupajoki grammar school have done.

They created five learning points of interest in different school subject. The target is combine fun, learning and outdoor activities.

The learning game is GPS sensitive, and each of the tasks will be opened while entering the task by foot. The landscape area has been prioritised as one of the most valued in Finnish nature.

The game concept is one of Citynomadi’s and it can be played on a free Nomadi app. Download Nomadi on your application store by app.citynomadi.com.

This is a mutual project of Juupajoki grammar school, ProAgria Southern Finland, Rural Women’s Advisory Organisation and Citynomadi.

In order to get to know the landscape area, have a look at the info route without tasks on web:

Juupajoki landscape area

Read about the newspaper articles on our Pinterest profile!

Jean Sibelius 150 Anniversary Route

On December 8th we celebrate the 150th anniversary of Jean Sibelius and Finnish music by getting acquainted to Jean’s birth town Hämeenlinna by following the path up to the Aulanko hill. Nature was where got his inspiration! Have a taster of his music on the videos of the route!

Take a short link on web: bit.ly/NomadiHlinna or download the Nomadi app onapp.citynomadi.com and search for Sibelius.

Videos are produced by the city of Hämeenlinna.

Documentary Films Visualize Helsinki!

Take a walk in the heart of Helsinki and visit the Senate Square and it’s proximity. It’s been a historic milieu for many films, particularly as a Russian milieu during the cold war for the Hollywood productions.
Download the free Nomadi app and take DOCFILM. Remember to save the route on your mobile too by choosing i as info, then there’s no worries of data transfer or roaming.

DOCFILM is made by the National Audiovisual Institute.

DOCFILM Helsinki

Advent Calendars

Visit the advent calendar of Kouvola, in the Southeast of Finland

Visit the advent calendar of Porvoo, in the Southern coast of Finland

Visit the advent calendar of Helsinki Church

Updated Versions of Nomadi App!

All Nomadi apps will be updated before the end of this year. The new Android Nomadi is already available in Google Play and iOS will be published within a week. We still keep on versioning Windows 8 Phone app due to the audience request.

What will be the new features? The main new feature is the audio play between two points of interests. This is ideal for people who are used to listen to music or audiobooks. If you want to tell stories to your audience, why not to make audios in various of languages and run them in the exact places of occasion.

We also support six languages in Nomadi interface!

In order to get the latest version, take app.citynomadi.com – it will lead you straight to the Nomadi app on your own application store.

TiiraNomadi has been updated!

TiiraNomadi, the app for bird watchers in Finland has been updated. Remember there have been over 20 000 bird observations in Tiira.fi of Birdlife Finland made by TiiraNomadi.

Download the global, free demo of TiiraNomadi

We Participated

We participated a few events during the autumn. Read about the experiences in Slush 2015 on our blog. We gave a presentation in the Location Based Data Fair by the National Land Survey of Finland. Last week we had a booth in Games for Health in Turku.

Read about the events on our Facebook profile.

Follow us in social media – there will be a lot of new releases next year!