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Message To the Outer World By GPS Tracks

Play with GPS and create funny figures on ground and your message will reach the outer world. But also it can be followed as a route!

A Briton called Andy Pardy made it political. He had a parcours of thousands of kilometres around Europe. If you do not live in Mars, and you are courious to know how the letters were compiled, the web publication Think Big has the detailed information about this.

Read more in detail and see how the letters were formed on Big Think

The reindeer city plan of Rovaniemi, Lapland in Finland is a playful way of creating an interesting route for the tourists before they go and greet Santa Clause at the Artic Circle.

The Reindeer Statue in front of Rovaniemi City Library. Read more about it on Nomadi app.

The city plan of Rovaniemi samples the head of a reindeer, and if you watch carefully, many of the newly build skiing resorts in the Finnish Lapland have the ones of reindeer antler.

The figures by the GPS are often rough, but when you see them as symbols, it really does not matter.


Maps for everyday utility – Maps for visitors – Maps for special events

Accurate maps are needed during the Finnish summer events!

The Helsinki summit confused the traffic for one day. The closed streets for hours, public transport route reductions, private cars strongly advised to leave at home.

Media gives out tips of the best places to spot the famous visitors Trump and Putin during their short stay in Helsinki.

The tourism marketing in Helsinki had a few days and a fortnight to arrange the marketing of our beautiful capital. Be prepared for the suprise suprise visitors, proximate 2000 influential extra people, most of them journalists, just for a few days’ time.

A similar kind of challenges are met in Pori, a small town by the west coast of Finland. During one week of July three big events take place: Pori Jazz festival, political event of SuomiAreena ja the Housing Fair.

Those who are the stars of the events and those who work for them have no problems in findind their ways in the new traffic circumstances. But the vistors, and inhabitants in the area. How do they manage?

Citynomadi partipates to the AVM-project of a consortium of companies (Autonomous Vehicle and Mobile Services) which is present in Pori at the Citizen Square of SuomiAreena event at the stand 72. We made a simple guide map for the superweek in Pori, just to remind of the few roles of location based data in the everyday life, but also in events. The print map, but also the pdf map is stubborn and old fashioned, or what do you think?


The event map of Pori in July 2018, download the Nomadi app for free, available on app.citynomadi.com!

To Save Santa’s Best Friends

We have had a project in Finnish Lapland called Village Stories, in which we produced an app with several routes in six villages aroud the Eastern Lappish areas. It was launched in January this year and gives you a nice overview of the life in Lapland. Download the app and watch the videos! Also, please rate the app!

Village Stories by Citynomadi on Google Play

Village Stories by Citynomadi on App Store

The villagers will update the content for the app and therefore me and Nadja took a tour for Rovaniemi, Kemijärvi, Pelkosenniemi and Sodankylä to give training for them. We rented a car in Oulu and drove 1000 kilometres in two days.

While driving in Lapland you need to be prepared for the reindeers, they tend to  conquer the road. No hurry, take you time. Sometimes they are for a serious danger for the traffic. Here comes an app called ‘Porokello‘, Reindeer alarm by the local government of Finnish Lapland.

This is a neat example of utilising location based data and crowdsourcing in real time. You have a map with recent observations and you can give out yours, if you happen to spot the reindeers. We did.

We tried to notify, but the app approves only the observations of the pros: truck, bus and taxi drivers at this point. Maybe in the future also the ones of amateur drivers, because the app is very useful for all drivers in Lapland.


A reindeer on the road from Sodankylä to Rovaniemi. Photo from our car’s side window.. 


Sauna after a long day on the road, in a summer hut between Kemijärvi and Pelkosenniemi.   It is so bright because the sun never goes down around Midsummer in Lapland.

by Merja July 8, 2018

Merry Christmas and Seasonal Greetings!

Tiera’s event of digital learning focused on the different ways of learning!


At the event of development of digital learning, there were lot to offer to schools, teachers and students. In the afternoon, we held two SchoolNomadi workshops, on topics such as phenomena-learning and play-based learning.

Mobile map to the Metsokangas school!

As the themes of the Fast Experiments of the Metsokangas community center were chosen the theme of the school community for the environment, safety and user-friendliness of the area. Citynomadi carries out the campus guide map.

Smart City Barcelona!


We participated together with SmartTampere in the Smart City event in Barcelona, and we also made a very successful indoor location demo. It is available in the Nomadi application under the name ‘Nordic’s Pavilion indoor demo’.

Innovation time at the BHRC Hackathon!

Video: Citynomadi shows the Moodmetric data real time on a map

At the BHTC Hackathon, at the Tampere University of Technology, we discussed the idea of cooperation between Citynomadi and Moodmetric. The Nomadi application was combined with the Moodometric Stress Level Metering Ring, whereby the user’s location was recorded in the traffic, and the stress levels were shown on the map. Such solutions are worthy in traffic planning.

The stories of the 100 years old Finland on the map!


During the year 2017, that is a Finland’s 100 years anniversary, Citynomadi was part of the Finland100 (Suomi100) program. On the Citynomadi’s Finland100 wall were assembled the routes related to major events and achievements of every year of the independent Finland. Congratulations once again to the independent Finland!



Eventful, Actionful Autumn!

Our indoor positioning partner IndoorAtlas has published an article about our Moomin museum app, which guides the visitors right from the hallway to the museum attractions in two floors.

Read the whole article here!

We participated in the networking event AlihankintaHEAT, where we also created an indoor positioning map using the IndoorAtlas technology.

Read more from the ePressi article!

Geographic information magazine Positio has published a one page article about Citynomadi’s achievements, clients and products, but first of all, where are the most exiting places to visit and how to get there!

The printed version of the Positio magasine 3/2017 is already available, and the e-journal comes out soon!

Powerful speaks and interesting meetings at the Nordic Business Forum!


There was a very imposing feeling at the Nordic Business Forum, when over 7000 people from over 40 countries gathered together to listen speaks about work culture, money structure, climate changing, motivation and courage! Among many other speakers Severn Cullis-Suzuki aka “the girl who silenced the world for 5 minutes”, Sir Richard Branson, Nick Vujicic and Will Smith nailed it!

Of course, we had bunch of new, interesting contacts and tried some new local flavors such as home crickets, prepared by Jyrki Sukula and his team.


SchoolNomadi takes students out of the class room!

Citynomadi was running a SchoolNomadi demo in the event of the Moving School, Liikkuva koulu project in Kuopio!

The teachers are eager to learn more of the new digital means and methods!

Check out SchoolNomadi on citynomadi.com

The brand new cemetery route of Espoo!

The cemetery route of Espoo is a brand new mobile route, by which you get to know 35 interesting stories from the past: In the cemetery rest in peace several athletes, politicians and artists – people who have had their impact on the Finnish everyday life. With the stories of the mobile route, the place becomes like a living history book!

Check out the cemetery route here!

What is the most interesting story from your point of view?

#Espoo #Cemetery #Church #Mobileroute #History #App #Nomadi

Our projects in China!


Sino-Nordic workshop, organized by Pivot5 ja Comb+ in Beijing got its climax in the roadshow, when we had the pitching day for the Chinese investors and business partners! With

#Suomihealth, #1oT, #Idifa, #Zupersoft, #Musicinfo, #Flexound, #Beibamboo #Oviko #ArcticAir #Zadaa & our translator #Zikang.

We were also glad to be part of Kasvun Roihu Oy event in Shanghai, where the most promising growth companies of Finland met interesting growth partners of Shanghai!

#Shanghai, #KasvunRoihu

Autumn Coloured Videos!

HDW video


Watch on YouTube

Helsinki Desing Week starts 7th September!

Citynomadi participates in the annual Helsinki Design Week Festival with an awesome mobile game – Designers of 100-year-old Finland! The game is available during the whole week, so grab your mobile device and challenge your knowledge about Finnish history and design. Playing is completely free and open to everyone in Nomadi app.

We have a new watercolor map platform, that gives you an amazing feeling, like walking inside an artwork.

So, mark the date 7.–17.9 in your calendar, and download Nomadi from you app store!

The competition resolves on 17.9. after the playtime ends. Good luck!

Can you beat Willhelmina and Violetta in this game?

Designers of 100-year-old Finland game

#HDW2017 #Finland100 #design

Indoor video

Indoor positioning is here!

You can implement indoor positioning in any great indoor space, like for example in hospitals, shopping malls and industrial plants. But what value does indoor positioning have, and how to utilize it?

Watch the video on YouTube and find out!

#Indoorpositioning #IndoorAtlas #Nomadi

Moomin video

Citynomadi proudly presents Moomin Museum mobile guide!

On the Moomin Museum’s gala event there was a large info screen revealed in the hall way of the Tampere hall. Along with some interesting facts about Tove Jansson’s life, there are information about Moomin Museum guidance app in 7 languages.

In the magical atmosphere of the Moomin Museum, mobile guiding makes your visit even better. If you don’t believe, check this video on YouTube!

#Moominmuseum #Moomin #mobileguide #Tampere #Nomadi #Мумитролль #ムーミン #Mumin

Over 11 000 visits of the Turku Tall Ship Race mobile map in one weekend!

There was a staggering amount of visits of the mobile map in Turku Tall Ship Race event in July! The event was held on 20th-23th July and that weekend alone gathered over 11 000 mobile map visits.

#TallShipsTurku #TallShipRace #Eventmap #Nomadi

VillageNomadi tells some gripping stories of villages!

At the moment VillageNomadi has six routes in different villages around Finland. With these routes you can find out how those villages have been built, grown and developed, who have been in charge of them and what are their sources of livelihood and strengths.


#VillageNomadi #Nomadi



On tylsiä ja mielenkiintoisia karttoja, on hyödyllisiä karttoja. Maantieteellinen informaatio on paljon muutakin kuin tiestö, vesistö ja rautatieverkosto. Teemakartoissa nostetaan esille ilmiöitä suhteessa maantieteelliseen sijaintiin.

Löysimme karttamaailmaan uuden kaunistuksen. Stamen Design on toteuttanut Creative Commons -pohjaisen vesiväritetyn kartan, joka kattaa koko maailman. Mainiota katsella Suomea ja Tamperetta vesiväritetyssä muodossa. Silti kartta on havainnollinen ja ymmärrettävä. Väritys ja yksityiskohtien esittäminen on onnistunut loistavasti.


Vesiväritettyä karttaa on mahdollista katsella Nomadi-sovelluksen kautta, ja kartta on valittavissa minkä tahansa reittimme pohjalle. Reiteillämme on yksi oletuskartta, mutta sille on aina vaihtoehtoja, nyt vesivärikartta lisää. Voit vaihtaa reitille asetettuja vaihtoehtoja Nomadi-sovelluksen lounaiskulman ikonista. Ja lisää karttoja voit saada käytöösi ottamalla meihin yhteyttä.


Esimerkkinä näytämme Helsinki Design Weekille tekemämme mobiilipelikartan ja Venetsian huippupaikat. Huomaathan spotty-paikantimen Helsingin kartalla. Se leijuu Tampereen yllä, täällä blogia kirjoitellaan parhaillaan.

Hae maksuton Nomadi osoitteesta app.citynomadi.com ja ihaile vesivärikarttojen kauneutta.

100 years – 100 routes

What’s going on in Citynomadi in April 2017?

pyhiinvaellus 1.4

Join us to celebrate the centenary of Finland! We have the project called 100 Years – 100 Routes. How to join?

Explore and Create your own route and Share it by tagging it with the year that describes you story best. We are looking for the new routes for every year, also abroad.

Have a look at our website: 100 Years – 100 Routes on citynomadi.com


Uusimaa Region in the southern Finland has the Finland 100 event map for every month.


Get aquanted to the Pilgrimage routes in Tampere area by visiting pilgrim.citynomadi.com. They are created by the Federation of Tampere Evangelist Lutheran Parishes and there will be altogether 20 of them by the end of this year. Take a FREE Nomadi app to guide you!

Have a look at the philosophy of the Pilgrimage routes on videos: Tampere – Pilgrimage routes around the area!


Have a look at the RAW BY NATURE white label app! Get yours on Google Play or App Store for FREE!

Get the FREE Nomadi app for your adventures on app.citynomadi.com


Aurinkoisia kesäretkiä!

Käyhän katsomassa Nomadi, nyt 3D-kartat!

Olemme julkaisseet uuden version Nomadista Androidille ja se on saatavilla Google Playssä, mutta myös iPhonelle ja iPadille ja ne molemmat ovat saatavilla App Storessa.

Mitä uutta? No, ainakin uudet kartat, jotka toimivat entistä sulavammin ja monipuolisemmin. Näet sen 3D-kartoissa, katsot kaupunkia kuin lintuperspektiivistä. Facebookissa on kuvakaappauksia 3D-kartoistamme!

Nomadi tukee myös samalla sisäpaikannusta, navigoi GPS:n avulla ulkona ja siirry saumattomasti sisätiloihin! Kysy meiltä lisää.


Kesäretki Vantaalle

Visit Vantaa teki tärkeimmät matkailukohteet yhdistävän reitin liipaten Helsinki-Vantaan lentokenttää! Katso Nomadista Tässä & Nyt Vantaalla tai hae Vantaa Nomadi-sovelluksestasi.


Kesäretki Tuusulanjärvelle

Visit Tuusulanjärvi julkaisi jo Matkamessuilla pyöräilyreitin Tuusulanjärven ympäri auttaen pyöräilijöitä pysähtymään viihtyisissä kolkissa ja löytämään juuri ne kohteet, joista Tuusulanjärvi on kuulu. Uutta on kohteelta kohteelle kuunneltava ääniopastus, joka tunnistaa sijaintisi. Matka katkeaa kuin leikiten. Löydät reitin Nomadista Tässä & Nyt, kun olet Tuusulanjärven lähistöllä ja suunnitellessasi matkaa sinne, hakusanalla Tuusulanjärvi.


Jalkapallon EM-kisat Ranskassa

Nyt Ranskan jalkapallon EM-kisakaupungit Nomadi-sovelluksessa! Kartalta löytyvät kaikki stadionit ja viisi kaupungin parasta matkailukohdetta. Katso Tässä & Nyt, kun olet Ranskassa, muualla hae sanalla UEFA, Euro 2016 tai kaupungin nimellä Nomadi-sovelluksestasi.


100 Vuotta, 100 Reittiä – Suomen Askeleet

Citynomadin ‘100 vuotta, 100 reittiä – Suomen askeleet’ on osa Suomen itsenäisyyden juhlavuotta 2017.

Kokoamme reittejä, jotka liittyvät Suomen tapahtumiin 100 vuoden aikana. Jos sinulla on hyvä idea tähän liittyen, niin ota yhteyttä.

Helppoa, kirjoita app.citynomadi.com ja lataa Nomadi ilmaiseksi!