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4 Aug 2020

Go Local! 

Local tourism is trendy now. The leading ICT online news in Finland recognised our themed maps for the diverse audience.

In the article the Unesco’s World Heritage in an old port town was highlighted

Read the article here

Aurajoki Pilgrimage in Helena’s and Pietari’s footsteps!

Aurajoki river in Turku has some great settings for the pilgrimage in the medieval spirit. You can make Nomadi’s Helenan polku pilgrim route by walking or cycling. Start your trip from the pink seashell POI and on each stop you can listen or read about the medieval Turku and get to know Helena’s story.

If you want to combine kayaking and pilgrimage, search ‘Pietarin’ from the Nomadi app. You can rent a kayak for part of the route if you have some earlier experience with kayaking. Start your trip from the Turku Cathedral, that is marked with dark pink POI, and listen what Pietari has to tell you along the way.

Aurajoki rajattu 3.8

Sail like in the old times with Tarjanne steam boat!

The recently published Nomadi route Tampere – Virrat will be your guide on the over hundred years old steam boat cruise. Nomadi will give you a sign on each point of interest and tell legends and true stories behind them. Enjoy the stunning views of this 120 kilometers long lake cruise.

Check the schedules on


Find the sacred places of Salla!

The new Salla route of the Nomadi app brings you to the old hunting lands, and the sacred places of Sami people. Search ‘Kuolajärvi’ and download the route on your device for offline use. As the distances between the points of interests are quite long, you can check some tips from the POIs, how to get there by car.

Salla Kuolajärvi

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