Updates and new features!


Getting to know Tays with a 3D model

Our tays.fi/map service for the Tays hospital area helps you find your way to each and every unit. In addition to the traditional map, you can also explore the hospital area using a 3D model. The model makes it easier to see where the buildings and their entrances are located. 

In the mobile version, you can move the 3D model by haptic touch.

Moving around the hospital area has never been easier!

Test the updated iOS Nomadi!

With the help of the updated iOS Nomadi, you get more out of routes! 

Follow the routes and paths enhanced with pictures, sound, video and interactive games. There is content around the globe, with both urban and nature maps available. 

Explore, for example, the HdM Beethoven route, where a polygon was used to mark the old city limits. With the polygon, you can easily see where the city limits were during Beethoven’s lifetime.

Check out the map here​!

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